Microflex® Complete Wireless

Microflex® Complete Wireless empowers meeting participants to share ideas and make decisions anywhere. Advanced Shure wireless technology delivers reliable performance in any environment without complicated setup or cable limitations.

Handsfree microphone activation provides touchless convenience for free-flowing conversations or choose manual or remote control for formal meetings.

IntelliMix Digital Signal Processing Technology

Ready to deploy in record time, IntelliMix brings more clarity to every meeting. Whether it’s one room or a thousand, the smart audio processing can handle any acoustic challenge and compatibility with third party codecs for video conferencing.

IntelliMix® Room

IntelliMix® Room is the first audio processing software fully optimized for Shure conferencing microphones. Simply download and deploy to in-room Windows 10 & 11 devices, and bring conferencing into the future.

IntelliMix® Room is compatible with the following Shure systems: Microflex® Advance™, Microflex® Wireless, and Microflex® Complete Wireless.