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    The propagation distance of the wireless microphone depends on factors such as frequency range, environment, transmission power, product quality, etc.


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The Range Of Wireless Microphones Is Determined By Several Factors


The range of wireless microphones is determined by several factors. 

1.  Frequencies range used by the microphone, as lower frequencies tend to travel further than higher frequencies. VHF travels farther than UHF, but VHF has poor sound quality.

2. The power output of the wireless transmitter, with higher-powered transmitters allowing for greater distance between the microphone and receiver. But the power cannot exceed the range specified by the FCC.

3. The environment , as obstacles such as walls and interference from other electronic devices can reduce the range of the microphone. 

4. Finally, the type and quality of the receiver used with the microphone can also impact the usable range.

The UHF wireless microphone may achieve long-distance transmission through the built-in PA amplification module.

Like our company's HU-A20 long-distance professional wireless microphone system。


1. Integrated PA amplification circuit

2. True diversity signal protection design

3. AES 256 encrypted signal

4. Automatic frequency sweep

5. UHF analog signal transmission

It not only retains the excellent sound pickup effect, but also can spread the distance.

Suitable for large-scale performances and outdoor performances.