U-880 Professional Wireless Karaoke Microphone

1. Professional performance grade wireless karaoke microphone.
2. The effective distance is over 500ft.
3. Automatic frequency sweep. 4. 20 sets can be stacked and used at the same time.
5. Adjustable transmit power.
6. One-key switch transmitter terminal.
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wireless karaoke microphone detail

U-880 is a performance-grade wireless microphone system, its sound is true and full, with high degree of reproduction. It also has a dual signal guarantee system with an effective distance of more than 500Ft.   


wireless karaoke microphone pickup head

Professional performance grade wireless microphone

Singing class pickup sensor:The sound is real and clear, suitable for professional performance.

wireless karaoke microphone 500ft

The effective distance is over 500ft

Double signal transmission guarantee, effective transmission distance over 500 feet.

wireless karaoke microphone frequency sweep

Automatic frequency sweep

Scanning frequency automatically:One-click to find the most suitable communication frequency.

wireless karaoke microphone 20sets

20 sets can be stacked and used at the same time.

The step interval of FM is 10K-500K,each channel has 300 frequency points available,20 sets can be used superimposed at the same time.

wireless karaoke microphone encryption

256 AES Encryption

Built-in 256 AES encryption module, which can greatly improve the security of signal transmission.

wireless karaoke microphone switch

One-key switch transmitter terminal

One button conversion function:Each channel can pre-install two transmitting terminals.

Frequency range450 - 970 MHz
Number of adjustable channels120 * 2
Frequency stability0.002PPM
Receive sensitivity-105dB
Audio frequency response60Hz- 18KHz
Harmonic distortion<0.5%
Signal-to-noise ratio>105dB
Dynamic range105dB
Maximum frequency deviation±48KHz
Spurious suppression≥75dB
Audio outputbalanced output and unbalanced output
Power supply12-18V DC/1000mA
Handheld Transmitter
Frequency range450 - 970 MHz
Maximum number of channels120 * 2
Output power5mW / 30mW
Secondary wave suppression>-70dBc
Maximum modulation depth±48kHZ
Signal-to-noise ratio>105dB
Frequency response60-15KHZ
Input voltage rangemic 1V max
Power supply2 X1.5V(AA)
Battery life10h
Bodypack Transmitter
Frequency range450 - 970 MHz
Maximum number of channels240
Output power30mW
Secondary wave suppression>-70dBc
Maximum modulation depth±48kHZ
Frequency response60-18KHZ
Signal-to-noise ratio>105dB
Input voltage range0.8V max
Power supply2 X1.5V(AA)
Battery life10h