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Wireless Microphone Supplier

Imitation of the microphone is quite a variety of people, some people see the network which is recommended to follow to buy down. It is important to know what kind of sound you want to receive before you start, this share a few tips on the microphone there are some radio when the answer, hoping to help you record the ideal sound. Let's take a look at the microphone first


1, the type of microphone

Condenser microphone

Capacitive microphone is the sound sent to the internal diaphragm vibration so that the diaphragm vibration caused by voltage changes and then generate the signal. It is highly sensitive and is often used for high quality recordings such as guitar playing, complex ambient sounds, and use in the studio. Most capacitive microphones require phantom power to be charged, and are more cumbersome to use.

Moving coil

In contrast to the cheaper price of the moving coil because of the coil and magnet, unlike the condenser microphone light, low sensitivity for high frequency, but it contains the sound is more soft, suitable for recording vocals and live performances And so on, also used in the studio to receive high sound pressure instruments, such as blow, speakers and so on.

2, dynamic microphone pointing


Omnidirectional for the sound from different angles, the sensitivity is the same. Often in the need to include the entire sound of the sound recording works; or sound source in the move, hoping to maintain a good radio situation; speakers in the speech with the lapel-style microphone is also the kind of. The omnidirectional drawback is that it is easy to receive the noise of the surrounding environment, and the price is relatively cheap.

Single point of view

Common single-way heart-oriented or super-heart-oriented, for the sound from the front of the microphone has the best sound effects, and from other directions of the sound will be attenuated, common in hand-held microphone and other occasions, this type Extreme point for the gun.



The dual finger can accept sound from the front and rear of the microphone. Can be used as a stereo recording method and other special purposes (such as MS, Blumlein recording method). Its internal structure and full directivity is basically similar, the main difference is in the circuit board above.

Directivity and recording quality is not absolutely related, as shown above we understand it refers to the radio range. If you want to record their own or included a little more ambient sound, it is recommended to use full directional products.

3, with the ears to hear their ideal distance

When you listen to an instrument you can listen to your ear and play your experiment spirit Try different distance to hear the ideal effect you want to receive. Like in the guitar ring hole where the radio, etc., can be used to listen to their own ears to adjust and then use the microphone radio to fine-tune.

4, remember to record the environment source

When editing a sound source, you may encounter some paragraphs or conversations that need to be deleted. These parts are deleted and become completely silent. At this point if you have pre-recorded indoor environment sound can help you fill this vacancy so that the whole track sounds more natural. So before the radio or after the collection of good habits to record a 30 seconds of the environment sound it The following are the same as the "

5, to avoid using too much microphone at a time

A microphone will be able to receive the effect you want when you absolutely do not add a second microphone, but superfluous. For example, if you want to include a group of people talking, put all the sound recorded, a lot of time a microphone radio will be better than the effect of more than radio. In addition to the microphone can not balance the sound source there will be phase problems, so the number of microphones can be less less myself, the effect is ideal.

6DJ The microphone is too close

Sometimes want to be able to distance from the sound of nearly a little to reduce the other noise, the fact is not only noise or income into, but also caused a close effect. The proximity effect is the use of the distance between the sound source and the microphone to produce an extra low frequency and volume. Low frequency enhancement will make the high frequency is masked so that the effect of the speaker output opaque, if this is not what you want the effect should be avoided.

7, choose your wireless microphone shock frame

It is important to choose a shockproof frame that is suitable for your microphone. It can also reduce the influence of external vibration by elastic vibration isolation and also reduce the mechanical vibration from vertical and transverse conduction. Sensitive microphone, the vibration of the space are very sensitive, shock frame can effectively isolate the vibration, so that the high frequency can be more transparent, the sound is more stable. The following are the same as the "

8, the recommended location when recording human voice

When recording sound, it is recommended to sing the center axis of the microphone, which is the most accurate way to listen. The center of the microphone is toward the chin or facing up. 15 ~ 20 cm for the best distance. A strong airflow from the mouth of the mouth, which may cause the microphone to be overloaded and cause a bluff of noise when the part of the B, F, and P parts of the English alphabet B, F, P, Pull away or slightly away from the pivot point to avoid interference.

9, isolated noise

Sponge sets and anti-spray hood are able to effectively isolated just mentioned the sound. If the recording environment is outdoors, the sponge sets are effective in isolating the wind and blowing the sound. Indoor or not into the mirror to consider the use of anti-spray can be used, it can disperse the sound or crack sound generated by the moment the air flow, a significant reduction in the probability of direct into the microphone, improve the recording quality. These sonic or sound in the post-system stage is very difficult to deal with, the recording should be avoided.

Above is this for everyone to sort out some of the small knowledge of the microphone and radio, because of the different space and equipment will be a lot of change, need to try to adjust to the appropriate recording position, I hope we can find out Your ideal voice ~

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