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Wholesale Power Amplifier

  The purpose of the audio power amplifier is to reconstruct the input audio signal on the output element that produces the sound, and the signal volume and power level are ideal - true, effective and low weight. The audio range is about 20Hz ~ 20kHz, so the amplifier must have a good frequency response within this range (drive band speakers such as woofer or tweeter). Depending on the application, the power varies depending on the milliwatts of the headset, the wattage of the TV or PC audio, and the sound of the "mini" family of stereo and tens of watts of car until more powerful home and commercial sounds are hundreds of watts System that meets the sound requirements of the entire cinema or auditorium.
  The essence of the power amplifier is controlled by the transistor, the amplifier power supply DC power into the load on the AC power supply. AC output power and DC power supply is closely related. A power amplifier DC power supply to provide how much power can be converted into AC output power? We certainly hope that the power amplifier is best to convert the DC power supply to 100% AC output power is actually impossible. As the transistor itself has a certain power consumption, a variety of circuit components (resistors, transformers, etc.) consume a certain power, which is efficient. Transistor in the large signal operating conditions, the operating point will be a large swing up and down. Once the operating point leaves the linear area of the input or output characteristic curve, a non-linear distortion occurs. Therefore, for audio power amplifiers, the output power and non-linear distortion must always be considered. The general audio power amplifier has two maximum output power indicators and no output power maximum distortion. The former describes the maximum load capacity of the amplifier, which means the ability to amplify without distortion. For example, the maximum output power of the two amplifiers is 50 watts, but the maximum distortion power is 40 watts and the other maximum distortion power is 30 watts. The former performs better than the latter.
   Power amplifier according to different working conditions, can be divided into A, B, B three categories. Class A amplifier is characterized by the operating point in the output characteristic curve in the middle of the linear region, the signal current flows through the entire cycle, the distortion is small but the efficiency is low, the output power is also small. Class B amplifier operating point in the base current is equal to zero, that is, the output characteristic curve, the signal current only in the cycle of half a cycle, high efficiency, the output power, but serious distortion. The operating point of the third class of amplifiers is neither as low as Class B amplifiers nor as Class A, and the current cutoff time is less than half a cycle. Performance between Class A and Class B. Figure 4-18 compares the three operational states of the power amplifier to help us understand its characteristics.

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