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Vocal Microphone Noise Reduction Techniques

  What kind of microphone to buy? Karaoke or host with the vocal microphone, as long as the combination. Of course, nothing can be, in fact, moving voice is relatively soft, the most suitable for recording vocals, but that kind of microphone is usually not suitable for the computer port, you need to buy another adapter, or microphone interface.


    Most of the rotten microphones are omnidirectional, meaning that it is the same for the full angle of sensitivity when recording, and what noise is like a dash of your dad in the next room.

A single point only receives a sound from the front of the microphone, the speaker holding a hand-held microphone or professional camera often equipped with Shotgun (gun type microphone) is this category.

What is the difference between moving and capacitive?

Moving coil because of the coil and magnet, unlike the condenser microphone light, low sensitivity, low frequency response performance is poor. The advantage is cheaper, the sound is more soft, suitable for recording vocals.

Capacitive microphone sensitivity is high, commonly used in high-quality recording, such as guitar playing, complex environmental sound, are commonly used condenser microphone.

1. Vocal microphone manual noise reduction

Vocal Music Most audio processing software will provide noise reduction filter, I advocate this function to be careful to use, or the sound will become very natural. Usually, would rather use two minor noise reduction, do not use a excessive noise reduction, according to my own experiment is the effect of the former is better ...

2. EQ adjustment

Vocal microphone EQ adjustment has a lot of magical, you can filter out the high frequency or low frequency of the environment noise, transferred well or even to a certain extent, change the sound quality of the human voice.

3. Volume compression

Just finished recording of the audio, the volume may be too large or too small, there are suddenly large, suddenly small voice problem, you must remember to use the compressor to get the average volume, and to ensure that the entire message must not exceed 0db (the most simple identification method That is, Metre there is no red). It is like flattening the waveform to make it even more evenly distributed. But also note that if Threshold is too small it is possible to expand the noise.

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