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Various Models Of Audio Amplifiers

  The audio amplifier, while keeping the details of the small signal, increases the amplitude of the small signal to the useful level. This is the so-called linearity. Since the linearity of the amplifier is as good as possible, the output signal represents the input signal.

  In the audio market, the ever-changing audio amplifier circuit structure of the amplifier performance requirements have made great progress. Therefore, the designer needs to understand the characteristics and types of audio amplifier options. This is the only way to ensure that the best audio amplifier has been selected. In this article, we introduce the most important functions available for Class A, Class B, Class AB, Class D, Class G, DG, various audio amplifiers for class H today

Class amplifier

  The simplest audio amplifier Class A amplifier. The amplifier A stage, the output signal waveform, has independent output transistors (Fig. 1). Class A audio amplifier linearity is the best, but less efficient. This type of amplifier is used in applications where high linearity is required and it is used to provide power to meet this requirement.

Figure 1. A class of audio amplifiers, although usually straight lines are low efficiency.

Class B amplifier

Class B amplifiers are powered by a push-pull amplifier. Use the output of the forward and reverse transistor B-class amplifiers. For repetition of the input signal, each transistor is only turned on in the half cycle (180 °) of the signal waveform (Figure 2). As a result, the amplifier is zero at idle and therefore will be higher and more efficient than Class A amplifiers.

  Class B audio amplifier is a compromise. Efficiency will improve, sound quality will be reduced. This is because the two transistors are used for the intersection from the on-state of the on-state. We all know that in the case of Class B audio amplifiers, which have signal processing, are not suitable for low power applications with low levels of low distortion signals.

  Class B audio amplifier, the output transistor is only turned on in the half cycle (180 °) of the signal waveform. Amplify the entire signal using two transistors. A transistor turns on the positive output signal, and the other transistor will turn on the negative output signal.

Class AB amplifiers

Class A and Class B. Amplifier Structures Between AB Audio Amplifiers Class AB amplifiers have a class of sound quality and Class B amplifier amplifier configurations.

This performance is achieved by passing the two transistors close to the zero bias signal. In other words, a Class B amplifier begins to display the non-linear point (Figure 3). In the case of small signals, when two transistors are turned on, it acts as a Class A amplifier for large signal transitions, and only one half transistor for the waveform period is turned on, thus operating as a Class B amplifier.

Class AB loudspeaker amplifiers, the SNR is high when THD + N is low, there are usually up to 65% efficiency, ideal for high performance speaker drivers. Class AB amplifiers such as the MAX98309 and MAX98310 are portable media players, digital cameras, and tablet PCs that have been widely used in e-book readers to ensure high fidelity devices.

Class D amplifiers

Smart phones, MP3 players, portable docking stations, and other handheld portable audio equipment, the popularity of the problem in the cusp. Battery life reduces power consumption, and it needs to be longer than it is now.

   The audio amplifier uses pulse width modulation (PWM) and changes in the duty cycle to produce a Class D amplifier representing a full swing digital output signal of the analog input signal. In these amplifiers, the output transistor is fully on, or completely off during operation, is more efficient (often up to 90% or more). The method completely avoids the use of transistors in the linear region where the linear region of the transistor has a reason to reduce the efficiency of other types of amplifiers.

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