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Supply Of High Quality Audio Amplifier

There are a variety of standards for the definition of rated power for audio amplifiers. In the automotive audio sector, some manufacturers use the CEA-2006-A standard of the Consumer Electronics Association, which defines how the amplifier power and signal distortion are tested.
How do you distinguish between the rated power parameter definitions? For a good rated power parameter, all of its specified reference points should be measurable.
For audio amplifier audio signal, the voltage is Vrms (root mean square) that the calculation of power, usually using the reference frequency of 1000Hz, the load using resistive load, so the calculated power for the amplifier can withstand the average power.
FFC standard is more stringent, requiring the amplifier to use the frequency of 1000Hz sine wave as the input signal, first 1/8 total rated output power, preheat 1 hour (multi-output system, all channels are open), and then around Ambient air temperature of not less than 25 ℃, the duration of more than 5 minutes under the conditions, let it work at the maximum rated power, observe the input 20Hz to 20000Hz audio signal when the two-channel power spectrum.
    Some manufacturers use rated average power, but when the original input signal is amplified to a certain value, it will produce clipping, resulting in a higher distortion rate. When THD + N is 10%, the rated average power is much larger than THD + N of 1%. TI's PurePathDigital power-level device data sheet gives the rated power values measured in the absence of clipping and clipping.
The meaning of the audio amplifier is basically the same. PMPO does not clearly define the measurement standard, PMPO rated power measurement without reference point, usually can not be used for high-fidelity audio performance testing. In fact, the PMPO provided by the manufacturer is usually a theoretical value. Class AB audio amplifier power and digital audio amplifier power supply there is a big difference. For Class AB audio power amplifiers, the PMPO is much higher than the digital audio amplifier due to the physical characteristics of analog components. Class AB audio amplifier starts, the power supply will often produce instantaneous high pressure, resulting in a larger power supply glitches. The commonly mentioned PMPO is based on this instantaneous starting voltage definition. PMPO has also become a very good selling point because customers always expect audio amplifiers to have both higher rated power and lower prices.
    The peak voltage can be used to calculate the rated peak power. The rated peak power sometimes refers to the music power. The music power is the maximum output power of the audio amplifier when the audio signal is amplified by the audio amplifier when the input dynamic range is large.

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