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Subwoofer Amplifier Manufacturers

   If you want to hear a better bass in your sound system, it is a good idea to install a subwoofer amplifier. The circuit will be a low-pass filter to ensure that only the bass is amplified to the subwoofer.
   The circuit is used between the signal source and the amplifier. It is an active filter that is better than the passive filter that is usually installed behind the subwoofer amplifier. The circuit is mono, because the bass is equal in both channels. The human ear can not determine the direction of this bass.
   In the reproduction of music, the perfect subwoofer amplifier reproduction, not only can enhance the sense of music, but also increase the telepresence and realism. This article describes a small but powerful enough subwoofer, it is very suitable for use in the multimedia computer audio system, or in the small area of the environment to enjoy the use of music, so that you easily soak in music , Into the game, appreciate that the real feeling.
Subwoofer amplifier circuit, active bass amplifier circuit principle is similar, basically by the low-pass filter and power amplifier, the circuit is no exception, we are well known NE5532 composition 120Hz low-pass filter, the input 120Hz above the signal filter, and then into the famous LM3886 amplifier integrated circuit for power amplification, will be strong and strong bass signal to the speaker. High-power integrated circuit LM3886 sound is very good, although the head is not large, but its effect than the average discrete transistor amplifier has gone beyond.
    Subwoofer amplifier speaker structure, the subwoofer using a Shanghai silver flute 734X 8 inch PP basin woofer. As the LM3886 to promote the 8-inch box of the amount of sense is enough, so the box with inverted phase structure, as far as possible to extend the low frequency limit, so as to truly reproduce the elastic and vigorous bass. It should be said that the rational design of the low-frequency speaker of the lower-frequency speakers than other forms of sound better, but the production of amateur conditions have greater difficulty, this article is not used. After the completion of the box made in the first irrigation about 0 ~ 5 ~ 1 cm thick asphalt, and then paste the 1 cm thick acrylic cotton, you can install the circuit used. This speaker is equipped in the original multimedia audio, composed of 2? 1 type or combination in the original speaker only use 6? 5 inches within the speaker of the home audio, the effect is quite obvious.

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