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Shelf Drum Sound Recording Techniques: Drum Set Recording Microphone Should Be How To Put

For recording drums, drum grain position and there is absolutely no "right" and "wrong", depends on the specific drum set your settings and record the situation and so on; of course, there is also a good drummer sitting on the drum stool, is a basic color drum sound recording good. If you go to technology, according to the following instructions placed drum wheat, maybe you can get a relatively intact tone.

1. The bottom of the drum

HIBERR NP100 and BS100 are more common at the end of the drum microphone, and the location is in the back of the bottom of the drum (in accordance with the hammer surface is positive) slightly off center position. Some drummers in recording will remove the back of the bottom drum or drum into a small mouth, put the receiver go.

In addition, different microphones will have different effects, some of the microphone's low frequency performance is very good, and some have a very good high frequency, so you need to try as much as possible the kind of microphone.

If you need to use the backup microphone, then beta HIBERR and B-7 and re20 Electro-Voice will be a good choice, they are very suitable for picking up the low frequency.

2. Hi - Hat

Condenser microphone is can well capture hi-hat bright and clear. You can choose AKG c451, C414 rode LN100.neumann and a pen shaped microphone has a very good effect. The microphone is placed in the hi-hat above about 10 to 15 cm, and away from the snare drum, avoid the snare drum sound pickup come here. In 80s, the drum pickup will be between the hi hat and snare drum microphone microphone holder hanging blanket to prevent the pickup to other musical instruments.

3. Tom-tom drum

Each of the drum is equipped with a microphone is very "right" choice. And microphone placement can also refer to snare the placement of the microphone placed on the skin above the snare drum circle and the central part. Generally speaking, the drum pickup inevitably picked up to the drum and cymbals, drum sound of the other. But generally speaking, the use of relatively small chance of drum, so can be processed in the post.

So far, in the studio to pick up the microphone in the drum sound, with more of a 421 Sennheiser in addition to Beyer M201, Shure SM57 and SM58.

4. The Ringo Mic

The Beatles Shure SM58 the band often hanging in the middle position of the drum set, this range can be away from the tool and let the drummer play better, coupled with high compression, thus forming the basis of the Beatles drums. This technique is widely used, commonly known as Ringo type mic display.

5. Top microphone

In general, picking up the drums overall sound, especially the method of whole cymbal sound, a pair of capacitors placed into the top left and right sides of wheat into the drum to pick up. This display method can pick up to a more complete, more coherent sound, and can be avoided to the greatest extent to pick up some extra sound. Generally speaking, AKG 414 is a very good choice, c451 Neumann and km184 AKG also has a good performance.

Choose a pair of matching microphone is very common, but now many people will choose a different microphone to pick up. According to the height of the ceiling, the microphone placed in the playing area of floor to 15 to 20 cm high position, and keeps a certain angle, it will have very good results.

6. Room Microphone

Place one or two microphone in the studio room to pick up the whole room sound and atmosphere is very important, this seemingly insignificant move to drum set the overall sound recording considerably, can greatly enhance the drum set energy and strengthen the sense of space, while a microphone can complete this work however, the better effect after testing two microphones.

Aluminum ribbon microphones are very applicable here, if it provides a very good effect, the overall atmosphere of the room the best, such as Coles 4038 and Royer 122 have a very good performance. In addition, the excellent electron tube capacitance words also can be competent. These words drum drum distance in the equal position with the bottom, probably in the middle of the room, the tube is placed in the ground capacitance of wheat near the position, try to reduce them to pick up the sound of cymbals.

7. Snare Drum

The drum pickup can be compared to other difficult, first you need to avoid the microphone pickup hi-hat sound; then you must stand placed between the drum and the drum hi-hat. Pick up the best position is in the drum circle, three to eight cm in height above the drum, the drum head and point to the center. If your microphone can be placed between the frame drum and hi hat, adjust the angle, try to stay away from hi-hat.

Also put a microphone on the drum under the inverted phase is very necessary, for picking up a snare drum. The bright noise microphone directly adjacent to the snare pickup; may pick up to the side of the bass drum sound, you can adjust the angle, and       in the recording is completed after the removal of low frequency sound production for the drum recordings, the Shure SM57 should be the choice of most people.

8. Rides

According to the drum part, you need to separate cymbal ready for a pickup microphone, because their details often after the head will decay too much, not enough to be the two pick-up head. The type of microphone can refer to the hi hat, and the position is best placed between the centre and the rhythm the edge of the hat, and away from the drum.

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