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   Recording microphone function, hundreds of singles, tens of thousands of synthesizer options, high-quality sound performance, which can be completed in your hands, but still less the same, the pursuit of the real one of the unique analog sound: Those old photographs, with huge equipment after the studio began drooling. It is beautiful in the past, in this article will tell you how to regain the past time, through a step by step teaching to lead you from those giant equipment and flashing lights, through the introduction of your small pen out of the lead.

   Others are always better than their own record. For decades, people are committed to achieving the so-called digital technology, although many of the old qualifications of the composer, recording engineers and producers, easy to those who despise everywhere computer, tablet or mobile phone software out of the music sound quality, but this Unlimited, and everyone can get magic from it, that is, when the old United States then landing the moon computer is not so good now. Where are you good? Most of the equipment was seen in the 1960s and 1970s, and some did not do it, for example, if there was a plug of simulation tape recording, put the low and whirring sounds (wow and flutter) Your SACD recording.

   First point is simple. At first you do not need any complicated interface, because we want to record your music from the outside. The dynamic microphone tape was one of the secrets of past voice recordings, and what was recorded in tape before, and this format was invented as early as in the 1930s, and by the time the 1990s was a standard for many recording studios. Tape recording is mature and reliable, only at the end of some machines will be broken, but even so, tape recording is still very reliable.

   Why is the tape sound better? This is related to when the tape (plastic surface is iron oxide coating) broken sound. The sound of the sound when the sound is broken, the audience is usually not very pleasant, but the simulation of the tape is broken on our ears much more friendly, why? The ears do not like the perfect reproduction of music, the cassette has a "natural" compression function: the studio is still often use it, commonly known as "glue", so that a song more complete, each recording site synthesis of a complete individual, your Music can have a nice edge with compression

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