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Recording Microphone Factory Direct

Recording Microphones This can be thought of as the most important detail of the spotlight in the music, adding a little surprise to the already excited audience, and also ensuring that the music is heard on a transistor radio, A fever "dream combination" in the release, the sound should not say.

Theoretically, the microphone is a very simple thing: all you have to do is adjust some knobs until all the sounds sounds good. So we have to go closer, to carefully observe the mixing of each step.

In the arrangement should be considered when mixing problems. The typical problem in the personal music studio is that it is easy to mess up the work. In the early with the music when the structure of the music stuffed full, so that with the recording, you have no room to join the new ideas. Remember that the less the notes, the greater the impression that each note will give. As Sun Ra once said, "Blank is also a performance."

There are some good suggestions here.

● a good way is to re-bloated, and a better way is to always re-editing the song. Like many people, I also write songs while recording in the studio, so the vagueness of the song is usually temporary and improvised. So deleting something can make the song simple and nice, and give you a clearer idea of the overall grasp of the song.

Try to construct a song with a singer's singing or other melody instruments rather than a rhythm part. Simply enter some drums, basses and pianos, etc. to mark the beat, and then enter the vocal and as much as possible to deal with it very well. At this time when you come back to the rhythm track, you will be very sensitive to the subtle characteristics of the human voice, it will be very easy to feel where to strengthen the rhythm part of the intensity, where to keep the rhythm part of the quiet The

● Sequential software with digital audio features (eg Opcode's StHdio Vision, MOTU Digital Performer, Steinberg's Cubase Audio, Emagic's Logic Atldio, and Cakewalk Pro Audio) allow you to add too much Before the music weave, it is very easy to enter and edit the vocal tracks first. So listen to the human voice to the device, you will be compiled out of the song and the human voice will be more closely.

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