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Qsc Power Amplifier Price

   Portable audio amplifier design options: the use of internal heating efficiency, low power consumption, compact design, can extend battery life and chip. For a limited bandwidth design, it is recommended to use Class D amplifiers. To avoid damaging the chip, care must be taken to use a supply voltage that does not exceed its upper limit.
   Stylish mobile phones and beautiful melodies that can be seen today with audio amplifiers, especially with increasingly stringent consumer sound, other portable media players plus eye-catching and attractive, which means successful sound design products are successful Regardless of the iPod, the iPhone is ubiquitous to prove the importance of sound. In the sound design process, the amplifier and electrical appliances are divided into D class, different choice of different characteristics of the product, whether it is optional tradition or popularity are indispensable. But do you know how to choose the right amplifier for your design? Depending on the type of amplifier you are doing, do you know how to choose a variety of designs? If you have misunderstood these questions, you can design a way for manufacturers such as United States Semiconductor and IDT, Maxim, etc., and you should show you the audio master development challenges. Please read the advanced project engineer's theme project carefully.
The use of analog audio amplifier analog signals, digital voice data into analog voice signals (using high-precision digital-to-analog converter DAC), to achieve A, B, A conversion: the traditional digital audio playback system is equipped with two main process AB class amplifier. Analog amplifiers, starting from the early 1980s, many researchers have developed digital amplifiers instead of converting this digital voice data directly from power amplifiers, which are often used as digital amplifiers, or Class D amplifiers.
Current consumers require compact size, comfort and low power, low price and hearing. Suppliers are increasingly aware of the need to improve these areas to ensure that consumers are willing to spend money to buy these audio equipment. They are also working to reduce noise interference. But at the same time, the task of digital circuits and analog circuits is difficult.
Audio amplifier technology has matured, the sound reproduction to achieve a good effect. With excellent power efficiency, less heat and writer power supplies, Class D audio amplifiers and stormy Amp audio amplifiers around the world are dominant.

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