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Power Amplifier Manufacturer

   The effect of the power amplifier is to reproduce the characteristics of the original sound source, but also to the nonlinear distortion of the amplification, so that the listener to hear the subjective sense of no variation. Must achieve a certain performance indicators.

    The power amplifier is designed and used to match the sound quality from the sound source, especially the digital sound source, and it does not make the sound level

    On the contrary, the efficiency of special high power loss is very small, widely used to expand the system, so that the upgrade for the audio enthusiasts is indispensable equipment to choose what brand and model of the power amplifier can not simply give the simple parameters according to the whole Sound system is best to listen to the views of other users or professionals because of product performance and sense of hearing have a certain awareness so they recommend the equipment should be good so they recommend the equipment should be good if there is a prototype audio-visual Of course the best.

    Power amplifier, also known as signal amplifier, the basic role is to audio signal power amplification (current amplification), used to drive the speaker to play the sound. General host with built-in power amplifier, but its power dynamic range are smaller, it can not meet the higher level of listening requirements, but can not be compared with the external power amplifier, and the woofer must have a power amplifier to drive, the host is There is no ability to drive the woofer so much power. Signal amplification is a vital part of the entire car audio. Although most of the host built-in power amplifier, but its power and effects can not be compared with the external power amplifier.

    Power amplifier due to music output power and peak music output power there is no uniform national standards, and the manufacturers of measurement methods are not the same, so there is no definite quantitative relationship between the three. In addition to the normal amplifier amplifier signal to drive the speaker sound reinforcement function, but also effectively inhibit the scene howling, to ensure the quality of voice transmission, even in the environment is poor, but also to greatly inhibit the back to the sky, Protection of audio equipment will not be burned by whistle. Frequency shift amplifier is widely used in high-end multimedia classroom, training room, small conference room or other simple sound reinforcement occasions, the microphone can be directly connected to the frequency amplifier, but also effectively inhibit the microphone on the speaker whistle, and support the background music Into the sound reinforcement.


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