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Power Amplifier Factory Quotes

   The power amplifier, also known as the signal amplifier, amplifies the basic function (called an amplifier) power amplifier for driving the audio signal (amplified current) of the audio speaker.
     Often, a built-in amplifier and host power has a small dynamic range, it is listening, but you can meet the high level of demand, the host needs to be an external power amplifier and a driver subwoofer amplifier, and can not compare its drive power bass Guns have no ability. The car audio signal amplification set is very important. While most of the built-in host, the amplifier can not match the power and external power amplifiers and effects.
   But there are two problems with the power amplifier: first, in the attenuation of the small amplifier internal resistance greatly affect the transient characteristics, the second is not power transformers, as well as large, and does not have the transformer to supply high voltage power supply to the tube distortion with the car significantly Larger due to the size of the environment provided by the use of tube power amplifier car audio system, because (temperature, vibration, power and other aspects of the problem) is the market is more serious circulation rate is not high.
   The power amplifier overcomes two shortcomings: First, the cost, the small attenuation factor, and any need for a transformer to make a drastic effort to sharpen the volume of the rhythm of the tube amplifier is a very high first two and good transient response Save and avoid distortion due to the transformer. You can be a variety of transistor amplifiers automotive audio power amplifier market mainstream products, grade is complete selection of key product owners.
Advantages of the power amplifier The most obvious is that the peripheral circuit is simple and easy to set, and the reliability of the amplifier is shortcomings as a separate component of the electro-acoustic index (power, frequency response distortion, signal to noise ratio, etc.) and the sound quality is the amplifier application amplifier level The host is not.
     The output device of the power amplifier (transistor or tube) is the total output current continuous flow device distortion of the life operating curve that always exceeds the input signal transmission characteristics in the linear section. The amplifier is less efficient and has a power loss of more than about 50% High family is generally applicable in terminal equipment.

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