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Power Amplifier Dealer Quotes|Supply Power Amplifier

   The power amplifier, known as the amplifier, can be said with the largest family of various audio devices. As a brand, like many models, not to mention too much. Known as the amplifier, because of its main purpose, the amplifier can be divided into two major categories of dedicated amplifiers and consumer amplifiers.

  Gymnasiums, theaters, dance halls, conference halls, enhanced in public places, in the recording and other places of the amplifier, in general technical parameters, amplifiers, such as often have some special requirements Yes.

Tube amplifier and transistor amplifier sound is indeed a certain difference, but the response of the transient signal is not the same. Since this difference is suitable for the enjoyment of different music and different types of music, the present Hi-Fi amplifier has a formation and tube amplifier coexisting in the transistor amplifier. However, the brand, model, number of transistor amplifiers, if the share is still larger than the tube amplifier,

  The power amplifier has a transistor and a point of the tube, with the same level also having a transistor and a tube of points. For audio lovers and music lovers, before and after the selected level, there are various forms of combination, various combinations have different sound characteristics, the user can choose a different space.

The power amplifier has a large advantage and disadvantages before the level and sound of the system after the power amplifier. First of all, it does not play purely or mono advantage, there is a need for a particular quality, further, and possibly bad quality is the voice of the overall "problem" of the overall poor. Again, the difference between the different levels of the sound and the different characteristics of the user can be selected according to the different combinations of personal preferences.

  For example, many audio and music lovers "before and after the stone" (ie, the tube of the upper level of the transistor after the merger), and like to use the combined power output of the transistor, such as the temporary response function, the power amplifier Not only the taste of the former tube, sweet "charm". However, this collocation, in the "golden rule", rather than the specific pre-class and post-class have their own characteristics, because the taste depends on the taste is different, the user likes to combine the specific circumstances of the method.

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