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Microphones Are The Key Components In Electro-acoustic System

Microphone is the electro-acoustic system (including PA systems and audio systems) entrance, if at first sound pollution, is hopeless.

Affect the playback sound quality of electro-acoustic system compared various factors, I think that amplifier effects accounted for 10~20% of the sound; speaker (including speakers) the tone quality about 50~60%; programs (especially the microphone) the tone quality accounted for 30~40%. Opinions differ on this ratio, but the microphone (and speakers) sound quality of sound system playback key to this view there is no difference. Most audio lovers including professional people, in practice in the are has following of feel: two Taiwan Power same and grade slightly differences of zoom device for compared try listening to, on sound difference of effect does not easy suddenly on tell out; but took two only different grade of microphone please one slightly music literacy of singer singing, for compared try listening to, its difference on very obviously, does have "immediate" of feel.

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