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Microphone Directivity

Description pointing the microphone sound sensitivity from different angles, specifications polar pattern on the commonly used to represent, in each diagram, above the dashed circle represents the microphone in front of and below represents a microphone in the rear.


Omni (Omnidirectional) sound from a different angle, the sensitivity is the same. Common needs to include the entire environmental sound recording engineering; or when the sound source moves, hoping to maintain good radio; speaker equipped with lavalier microphone in his speech also fall into this category. -To the disadvantage of vulnerable to background noise, and relatively cheap in terms of price.

Single point-

Common single point-to point to (Cardioid) or Super heart-shaped links to (Hypercardioid), sound from a microphone in front of the best reception, while the voice from other directions are decaying, common in handheld microphones and karaoke OK, this type of extreme gun-pointing to (Shotgun).

Double point

Double points to type (Bi-directional or Figure-of-8) can accept voice from microphone front and rear, not many practical applications.

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