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MIC Gong Works

Microphone is on the sound vibrations to the microphone diaphragm, promote the magnets inside a changing current, changing current sent to the back of the sound processing circuit for amplification.

Sound is a wonderful thing. We hear different voices, is made up of micro-differential pressure of the air around us. Wonderful is that, air differential pressure can be so well preserved, so true to transmit quite a long distance.

It is connected by a diaphragm on the needle, the needle on a scratch pattern on the foil. When you divide a speech, the air pressure diaphragm movement, so that the needle movement, needle movement is recorded on the foil. Then, when you run needle back on a metal foil, scratches in the metal foil vibration of the diaphragm movement, sound reproduction. The purely mechanical system shows the vibrational energy in the air and how much energy!

All modern microphones microphone things need to be done from the beginning is no different. Simply way to replace the mechanical way. Microphone changes in changes in air pressure waves into electrical signals.

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