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High Quality Audio Amplifier Prices|Audio Amplifier Manufacturer Direct Sales

  There are two types of audio amplifiers, but there is a special op amp for audio amplification. The audio range (the main frequency response characteristics and distortion characteristics are a good audio amplifier, both of which are very good) before the ampere level. Other audio amplifiers are used for the level of the audio driver to amplify the power amplifier circuit so that you can drive large speakers or sound, the power of the sound.

   Operational amplifiers are referred to as amplifiers collectively referred to as audio amplifiers in the case of (with preamplifier-specific audio amplifiers) at frequencies much lower than the audio amplifier DC, hundreds of μm, and multiple G Hertz levels. Simply put, the audio amplifier is a special op amp.

   Audio amplifiers, since both are used for signal preamplification, the audio signal voltage rises, (although the power amplifier current amplification capability is stronger, usually the voltage amplification is weak) is used to process the power amplifier after becoming. Performance from the use of audio amplifiers for audio amplifiers is better than typical operational amplifiers. In the amplifier, the operational amplifier is mainly used as an audio amplifier, and the small signal for amplifying the input stage is a voltage amplifier. You, "audio amplifier", power amplifier, that it may refer to the end of the amplifier, it is the current amplifier.

   Would you need to use an electret microphone? The output of the microphone is actually the drain of the internal MOSFET source, the grounded power supply has a direction, and the drain of the positive bias resistor of the power supply.

   The audio amplifier must be the resistance at work. Since the microphone is considered to be integrated at a level corresponding to the transistor amplifier circuit, is it not a transistor, the FET is a very large output resistance of the capacitive microphone, and since the input side of the amplifier circuit is amplified, it is necessary to add an amplifier Circuit to reduce the output resistance. However, the cells also operate on the FET, because the need for power, requires a bias resistor connected to the power supply.

    In general, the audio amplifier will choose between 2K ~ 5K. Depending on the circuit of your body, the voltage on the transistor Paul is the voltage at both ends of the microphone on the tripod E of the transistor B is limited to only 0.6V, the microphone is not working properly. The capacitors between the triodes are connected in series with the bias current for the insulated microphone, which is input by the base of the transistor. In addition, the magnification of the transistor must refer to the current magnification rather than the voltage magnification. I did not give the 9014 magnification, it is not normal to count your magnification circuit bias.

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