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High Frequency Power Amplifier Price

  High-frequency power amplifier for the emission level of the final stage, the role of high-frequency modulated signal is amplified to meet the transmission power requirements, and then through the antenna to its radiation to ensure that in a certain area of the receiving level can receive Satisfactory signal level, and does not interfere with the communication of adjacent channels.

  High-frequency power amplifier is an important component of the transmission device in the communication system. It is divided into narrowband high-frequency power amplifier and wideband high-frequency power amplifier according to the width of the working frequency band. The narrowband high-frequency power amplifier is usually selected by selective frequency filtering Frequency circuit as an output circuit, it is also known as tuning power amplifier or resonant power amplifier; broadband high-frequency power amplifier output circuit is a transmission line transformer or other broadband matching circuit, so called non-tuned power amplifier. High-frequency power amplifier is an energy conversion device, its power supply DC energy conversion into high-frequency AC output.

   In the power amplifier circuit in order to obtain a sufficiently large low-frequency output power, a low-frequency power amplifier must be used, and the low-frequency power amplifier is also a DC power supply to provide energy for the AC output of the energy converter. High-frequency power amplifier and low-frequency power amplifier common characteristics are large output power and high efficiency, but the two operating frequency and relative frequency bandwidth is very different, determines the essential difference between them. Low-frequency power amplifier operating frequency is low, but the relative bandwidth is very wide. Broadband transmitters are also widely used in the middle of a new type of broadband high-frequency power amplifier, it does not use the frequency selection network as a load loop, but the frequency response to a wide transmission line for the load. In this way, it can change the operating frequency in a wide range without having to re-tune. In summary, high frequency power amplifier and low frequency power amplifier is the common point of the requirements of the output power, high efficiency; their difference is that the two operating frequency and the relative bandwidth is different, so the load network and work The state is different.

  High-frequency power amplifier's main technical indicators are: output power, efficiency, power gain, bandwidth and harmonic suppression. These indicators are contradictory requirements, in the design of the amplifier should be based on specific requirements, highlighting some of the indicators, taking into account some other indicators. For example, some circuits in practice, to prevent interference is the main contradiction, the harmonic suppression requirements are higher, and the bandwidth requirements may be appropriate to reduce and so on. The efficiency of the power amplifier is a prominent problem, the efficiency of the level of the amplifier and the working state has a direct relationship. The working status of the amplifier can be divided into Class A, B and C. In order to improve the efficiency of the amplifier, it usually works in Class B, C, that is, the transistor extends to a non-linear region. However, there is a very serious non-linear distortion between the output current and the output voltage of the amplifier in these operating states. Low-frequency power amplifier because of its signal frequency coverage coefficient, can not use the resonant circuit for the load, so the general work in a state; push-pull circuit can work in the class B. High-frequency power amplifier because of its signal frequency coverage factor is small, you can use the resonant circuit for the load, it is usually working in the class C, through the resonant circuit selection function, you can filter out the amplifier collector current harmonic components, The fundamental component thus substantially eliminates non-linear distortion.

  Therefore, the high-frequency power amplifier has a higher efficiency than the low-frequency power amplifier. The high frequency power amplifier can not be analyzed by linear equivalent circuit due to the non-linear state of the large signal, and the working principle and working condition are analyzed by using the analytical method.

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