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Good Quality Audio Amplifier

  There are two kinds of audio amplifier, one is dedicated to audio amplification of the operational amplifier, it has better performance in the audio range (mainly frequency response characteristics and distortion characteristics, good audio amplifier these two features are very good) Generally used for audio preamplifier level; the other is the audio amplifier, which is the power amplifier circuit, for the audio drive level, you can drive the power of the larger speakers or sound, so that the sound;

  Audio amplifiers are collectively referred to as amplifiers, which are conceptally larger than audio amplifiers (specifically for preamplified audio amplifiers) and have a wider range of applications where their frequencies are far greater than audio amplifiers DC, high can reach hundreds of M or even G Hertz level. Simply put, the audio amplifier is a special op amp.

  In the audio circuit, both of which are used for the preamplification of the signal, so that the voltage of the audio signal is raised so that the power amplifier can be amplified at a later stage (the power amplifier is very weak, but the voltage amplification capability is usually weak ). From the use of results, the dedicated audio amplifier circuit in the audio amplifier performance is better than the general op amp.

  We can build a simple, low-cost, and non-switched voltage divider for the power supply of electronic devices around audio power amplifiers. The audio power amplifiers listed above and many other devices are purchased in large quantities in many projects, which makes their use and replacement costs low and the burden is relatively light.

Audio power amplifier is a lot of manufacturers for many years the product, so very popular, the internal circuit is open, the test is very convenient. After damage these ICs are easy to replace.

  In a conventional transistor amplifier, the output stage contains a transistor that provides an instantaneous continuous output current. Implementing Audio System Amplifiers Many possible types include Class A amplifiers, class AB amplifiers, and Class B amplifiers. Compared with Class D amplifier designs, even the most efficient linear output stage, their output stage power consumption is also great. This difference makes Class D amplifiers a significant advantage in many applications because low power consumption generates less heat, saves printed circuit board (PCB) area and cost, and can extend the battery life of portable systems.

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