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Diversity Receving Microphone

Refers to a wireless receiver inside the receiver can be respectively from the two antennas receive signals with a wireless microphone, 

choose to use a stronger signal all the way through the internal circuit. This way can greatly eliminate the dead zone, avoid retuned or dead point noise.

Diversity reception and there are two ways: put antenna diversity and diversity. In antenna diversity in the way, 

there are two receiving antenna, a set of control circuit and a receiving circuit, when the work of the received signal weaker, 

the control circuit will automatically switch to use a different antenna. In the way into the diversity, in addition to the two antenna and a control circuit, 

there are two sets of the complete receiving circuit, working at the same time, by tracking switch control circuit, good output audio signal all the way.

 This way because it is tracking the stronger signal at any time, and effect is better than the former one way, but the circuit is complex, high cost. 

This way of diversity and is often called double-tuned, true diversity, etc. Generally in the live performances, studios, and other important occasions, 

must choose double-tuned diversity of products, to ensure that in the practical operation range does not produce dead center.

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