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Digital Power Amplifier Price

   Audio amplifier in the 21st century, a portable electronic devices, the important trend of the important trend of electronic varieties.Mobile phone as a portable electronic devices, MP3 players, from entertainment equipment, communication tools, may now rarely used.In addition, it is still popular portable television of the portable DVD.In general, there is a portable electronic products, audio amplifier, you must have an audio output.Another characteristic is that they are batteries.I think all of these have a longer service life.In other words, in the context of the request, has been the development of class D amplifier.The biggest characteristic of it is to keep the highest efficiency with the lowest distortion.

  High power electronic products, however, you need not need an efficient audio amplifier mobile devices.So while the power consumption is big, efficiency is more important.In the improvement in people's living conditions, high-end audio equipment and home theater began to rise.These devices, normally, you need a watt audio dozens or hundreds of watts.In this case, the efficient audio amplifier with low distortion is an important member of it.

  Audio amplifier output components for the input signal level, reconstruction of audio signal output level is higher than the object - efficiency and low skew.20000 hz to 20 KHZ audio frequency range, therefore, must have good amplifier frequency response (less the speaker drive band limit the number of high frequency speaker or woofer) range., the power, from home stereo and car audio, family and the power of the \"mini\" headset TV or PC audio power of X milliwatts, more commercial voice, according to several hundred watts changes significantly the size of the application, about the cinema and the requirements of the auditorium, enough to meet the above and the sound system.

   In a simple analog audio amplifier, through the use of linear mode transistor input voltage and output voltage is proportional to the implementation of the.The forward voltage gain is usually high (or at least 40 DB).If contain positive feedback loop gain is the high loop gain of the well.This is in order to prevent the distortion due to nonlinear forward path, this is due to the high of the feedback loop gain, increased by increasing the power (PSR), usually, in order to reduce the power supply noise removal,

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