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Custom Subwoofer Amplifier

   Perhaps as part of the home theater system subwoofer amplifier, responsible for the reproduction of low-frequency sound in the film, the main speaker is to feel the amount of compensation or low frequency low frequency, you can not reach the ultra-low frequency field, who is also obvious (or massage Chair, in case something or coffee).

    If the subwoofer amplifier is built into the amplifier class, one of them is the active woofer, which can be divided into two types, whether it is other passive subwoofer. If the box is designed to distinguish between general formula and design of the transmission line design, it can be divided into bass reflex design. When you identify the direction of the sound behind the sound, the sound on the ground, the sound toward the sound, you can like the two on the same surface as the sound. The terms of the monomer in the operating mode, and the difference between the two push-pull speakers. The sound type of the two sounds is the passive radiator, which selects the phase of the monomer from the three stages. Built-in amplifier gun is ideal for subwoofer, in addition to low frequency standing wave in the room to reduce the basic balance line design, and thus to a certain extent, attenuation.

    Under normal circumstances, turn off the subwoofer, subwoofer is the most common type of ventilation (bass reflex), which is the most common type of subwoofer. Do not turn off the subwoofer The box itself is connected to an external channel or clearance, and the closed woofer can be placed below the front and rear surfaces. This type of fast transient response can withstand subwoofer and high power, can reduce the tank size, represents a huge energy expression.

   Subwoofer amplifier is pre-mixed with subwoofer, subwoofer than subwoofer subwoofer The subwoofer itself makes it possible to spread through the hole, increasing the low frequency will have more bass reflex open depending on the. Low distortion is relatively large tolerant, compared to power amplifiers.

Function adjustment, but it is necessary to re-bass amplifier, usually the volume control, with low-pass filter adjustment and phase adjustment, phase adjustment Why? When the phase is close to the sum of the two low sensations, add the same or add, and if it is another simple problem, the low frequency mixing unit emits the low frequency subwoofer's loudspeaker. Conversely, if the relative or almost opposite of the two phases, the total amount of low frequency is subtracted. In theory, placed in the same or main box, the center and the low frequency phase must be close to the same at the level and the main tank gun. In fact, the settings in the cancer and the main box will be set to the same horizontal line, the phase of the sound being placed in it, by placing different cancers and other corners of the corner or can not become a factor of multilateral, adjustable line adjustment.

   In order to adjust the low-pass filter, the filter is equipped with a subwoofer. The normal adjustment range of the low-pass filter is continuously or gradually adjusted at about 160 Hz at 160 Hz, and the low-frequency signal level is adjusted. Your 70Hz will show the following 70Hz subwoofer overload. If the adjustment is X Hz, the subwoofer sound X can be sent below the frequency Hz

    The subwoofer amplifier is good or bad, does not depend on the price and quality of the gun, and more importantly, this gun really needs the product, not the user, the fit is the best.

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