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  Although the equipment is a good thing, there are still many sound system sound is not ideal, which for many reasons, the following is part of what is said.

  Enthusiasts often make mistakes is the center speaker with CD players, Blu-ray machines and amplifiers placed in the same audio cabinet, and unit activities caused by a huge vibration, direct interference with equipment sensitive circuits, so that they can not work, sound quality and quality Worse. If the center speaker can not be so placed, enthusiasts can try to use nails, metal beads shock absorber, or the board and the like to the device pad height, blocking part of the vibration from the speaker.

  Enthusiasts that the equipment used to carry the counter enough heavy, that tube it is not a special audio products, such as the equipment and speakers placed in a large combination cabinet. In fact, the basic requirements for a device frame, the weight alone is not enough, the focus is to use the material density is high, the structure can not be shaken. As for the less the number of layers of the frame, one to reduce the swing range; two if placed in the left and right speakers, elevated more serious impact on the image position.

  Another example is the sound system to the bass weak, soft and weak, whether put on a high-power amplifier or a larger speaker, this problem remains the same, there may be because the platform instability or below the virtual position, so that the whole frame The image is placed on the floating sand, this situation is more difficult to deal with, the system removed or re-shop is the rule of the law. The same reason, the enthusiasts put the sound system placed on the floor of the loft or chalet on the second floor, the sound is generally weak, poor analysis, indicating why there are so many foreign enthusiasts choose to play in the dungeon sound. As the dungeon sound is good, the outside noise is low, the sound effect will have more details and high dynamic range, the enthusiast is the night to listen to the sound, not afraid to interfere with the family and neighbors.

  Finally, a lot of sound system quality has been impressive, equipment frame is ideal, but equipment, speakers, etc. if one foot or nail off the ground, the horse will be unstable, the sound effect will be marked on the discount.

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