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Subwoofer amplifier, to create a shocking momentum effect has a very important role. Most of the grades to AV amplifier plus five speakers and subwoofer form of packages to sell home theater products, subwoofer is already essential configuration, in fact, the design specifications, making superb, excellent subwoofer. Its effect in the home theater system audio playback is quite charming. Unfortunately, the subwoofer effect on the market out of the price so that most people are difficult to accept. The price of affordable effect is difficult to accept, the world's things often can not be satisfactory. However, good at the hands of the audio and video enthusiasts are "their own hands, abundance of food," based on this, this article intends to subwoofer design principles to do a simple introduction for a tone of interest reference.
    In general, from the composition of the subwoofer amplifier, the bass is also divided into active and passive two categories, the so-called active subwoofer that contains the power amplifier subwoofer, which part of the circuit in addition to power amplification. Usually also has audio frequency filtering (filter out the bass above the audio frequency components), phase adjustment. Volume adjustment and other units; and passive subwoofer that is no different from the general speaker, by the unit and passive power divider composition, which is a low frequency filter divider. So that the playback frequency range is only subwoofer audio. The following subwoofer - large unit speakers, power amplification were introduced. First, the subwoofer box design principles and classification
On the subwoofer design principles, can be broadly divided into three categories, namely, closed speakers, inverted speakers and band-pass filter speakers.
1, closed speakers
As the name suggests, this speaker box is completely closed, and the general so-called closed-box structure on the same.
Closed speakers are characterized by simple structure, transient response is better. That is a deep sense of hearing, clear. In the same volume, compared with other types of speakers, the low frequency dive cut-off frequency is higher than other speakers, so if you want to get a lower frequency of low frequency, usually need a larger box volume And the use of larger diameter speaker unit, and the efficiency of the speaker that the sensitivity is lower than other types of speakers.
    In the box volume design, there is a engineering design data for reference. When the resonant frequency Fs of the loudspeaker unit is less than 50 Hz, the tank volume is preferably greater than 1.4 liters. Fs greater than 50Hz, the box volume is best to be greater than 2 liters.
    Closed box in the production, adjustment usually also need to fill a large number of sound-absorbing cotton in the box, the material to glass fiber, long fiber wool-based, can improve the flexibility of the speaker, but also to achieve the equivalent effect of increasing the volume of the box, the theory Up to 40%, practical can be equivalent to increase the volume of 15% -24% of the calculation, the equivalent of reducing the volume of the box. In addition, fill the sound-absorbing cotton, but also improve the efficiency of the speaker, the correct filling, the maximum increase in speaker efficiency of 15%, the number of sound-absorbing cotton usually need to repeatedly try to determine how much to fill the amount of sound is not muddy, Too much) for the principle of other types of speakers as well.
   2, subwoofer amplifier inverted phase speaker
Is the most on the market a class of speakers, speaker design on the inverted tube, the so-called bass reflex design.
 In the inverted-type loudspeaker, the displacement of the cone is relatively small above the resonant frequency Fs, so the power bearing capacity is higher and the resonant distortion is smaller. However, under the resonant frequency, the cone displacement is increased greatly, the resonance distortion increases, In the same volume and unit conditions, the inverted-type speakers can be lower than the low-frequency low-frequency dive cut-off frequency. In addition, theoretically inverted inverter efficiency can be done more than about 3dB closed box.
Of course, inverted-phase speakers, including inverted tube design, production, adjustment is more difficult than the closed box. Inverted-type speakers also need to fill the appropriate amount of sound-absorbing cotton, usually less than the closed box.
A, subwoofer amplifier fourth-order band-pass speakers
Subwoofer amplifier in the closed cavity to increase the opening cavity, part of the work in the closed box mode, the other part of the work in the inverted mode, therefore, this speaker has both the advantages of closed box, but also with inverted speakers Characteristics, its efficiency is higher than the pure closed box, low frequency dive cut-off frequency and inverted-type speakers similar to the smaller diameter of the unit can be obtained lower dive cut-off frequency. In addition, its bandpass frequency can be adjusted, so the divider can be simplified, because the speaker itself is equivalent to the natural frequency divider.
In the unit selection, in principle, similar to the closed box, but because the efficiency is slightly higher than the closed box, and the cone displacement is relatively small, you can use smaller diameter, short stroke unit.
    On the subwoofer amplifier circuit composition to analyze, generally by the pre-amplification, low-pass filter, phase adjustment, power amplification, protection and power supply and other components, its role, the pre-amplification is the AV amplifier output overweight bass signal Further amplified enough to drive the power amplifier part of the full power output amplitude, because the various brands of AV amplifier provides the subwoofer signal voltage is not the same, generally ranging from 0.3-1 volts, so the pre-amplification is necessary, the pre-circuit also There is an important role is the meaning of isolation from the buffer, because the power amplifier output of the subwoofer signal there are differences, and some manufacturers in the design of stealing materials, resulting in its output resistance is high, if the direct drive subwoofer power amplification Low-pass filter is a subwoofer circuit part of a more important unit, its role is to be mixed in the amplifier output of the subwoofer signal in the low-frequency signal above the filter, the general design will be 80-180Hz (many high-end products will filter low-end cut-off frequency designed to continuously adjustable) If the filter is a fixed frequency, the general value of about 110-150Hz or so, too low speakers prone to mixed down, too high, easy to mix into the ear of the music signal; for each brand of AV amplifier output overweight Bass signal is inverted or positive phase is not uniform, therefore, the phase adjustment is placed in the subwoofer when the system according to the need to connect the subwoofer phase or reverse phase, depending on the effect, generally also essential; power The amplifying unit is not wordy, is the core of the active subwoofer, the same, in order to protect the subwoofer safe work and in exceptional circumstances to protect the equipment is not damaged precious parts or the expansion of the fault, the protection circuit is generally necessary; Power is the power of the various circuit units, is the basic component. Need to add that the recent subwoofer also designed the power automatic control function, so that the subwoofer in the absence of signal automatically turn off the main power of the subwoofer.

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