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China Subwoofer Amplifier Manufacturer

    The key to the real reproduction of the bass level of the volume level is the realization of the realistic sound. However, the subwoofer amplifier, in the design and performance are also different, very wide price range. Unlimited baffle familiar box from "cube cone", embedded, threaded angle, designed even fan design.

A single subwoofer amplifier - the focus of this article is the most common type. Whether you intend to upgrade yourself to buy the first subwoofer or an ideal system, the following advice is worth a visit and is very practical.

1, subwoofer or multiple subwoofer?

- Most of the burning friends will use the subwoofer subwoofer amplifier, the exact position of the monitor, the subwoofer's multiple, you can penetrate the sound of not more than a subwoofer better. I'm giving you a look at somebody else's case, which shows that it can take some time in a professional forum where you also, those who use more than one subwoofer system you can ask.

- only your audio-visual room can put the subwoofer, or in the current budget only, their economic conditions permit, in the case of Best Buy, you can buy the subwoofer.

- In two or more subwoofer systems, the overall performance of the system is more important than the performance of a single subwoofer. So if you want to build a system using multiple subwoofer systems, you do not need a subwoofer to be too powerful.

- The number of bass systems if you need to increase the output of 6 decibels. Therefore, you can reduce the overall level of subwoofer, subwoofer amplifier, you will be able to achieve the sound required in the room and do not need too much effort.

- A subwoofer that can be used to optimize the equalizer seat or a small area of the bass response. Even if your home theater is relatively large, if there are several rows of seats, this method is not applicable.

- your home theater if you have a few rows of seats in order to get the best bass effect, I think more efficient use of multiple subwoofer.

- you, if more than one subwoofer is equipped, the model is not necessarily the same, the best performance is closer.

2, close the subwoofer amplifier, ventilation, passive radiator type speaker, infinite baffle

- Sealed subwoofer is usually the simplest design of one or two units installed in a sealed housing section.

- you, if you want to have a compact subwoofer, the best option is in the off state.

- Reverse subwoofer, depending on the tuning port to expand the bass response at a particular resonant frequency.

- Some ventilation subwoofer includes multiple ports, you, to change this song, you can insert the port, the other port.

- no passive radiator coil unit, internal air shock and vibration.

- The cost of using a passive radiator is turned off or higher than the same type of ventilated subwoofer.

- cheap ventilation bass gun tuning frequency is likely to damage the performance of the product, generally higher if the budget is not enough, has been closed to the best choice for you.

- a plurality of cells used in said housing damping structure, a portion of said tapered direction being opposite. This is, it is possible to get a small box of large output, is very effective design, this model is generally more expensive price.

- Big shot, representing the best bass for a home theater system.

- Subwoofer horn part before the increase, which may increase the sensitivity, which occupies a relatively large space.

- by the original design of the drive, the infinite reflector room, usually the basement or attic, must be installed in a space, such as a huge cabinet. This type of system can produce very pure bass, the price is very expensive.

- Subwoofer output, most of the sound, which can be achieved by the general measurement by the SPL decibels.

- it refers to the lowest frequency of the base extension subwoofer capable of being reproduced at a particular level, expressed in units of Hertz.

- Peak output, continuous output and bass extension parameters are optional subwoofer for concentration attention.

- Under normal circumstances, humans will be able to hear the sound is very low, as at 20Hz, subwoofer prices, you can achieve such a frequency, which is generally high.

- Under normal circumstances, 16 Hz is used in classical music at the lowest frequency, playing, but not too much of the subwoofer 16 Hz, the sound is absolutely wonderful.

- a large volume of good bass subwoofer, in your audio-visual room, a large subwoofer, often bring better bass effect.

- Normally, the shell is smaller.

- The only factor in the quality performance of the unit size subwoofer.

- Bass speaker units over 18 inches are relatively rare for those who seek the final bass, they are, through the internet, or DIY growers are likely to get the bass in the big bass you can.

- two more better subwoofer, the size and size of the three rooms to install slightly smaller, large base installation.

3, subwoofer amplifier performance and management

- Subwoofer entries are usually only a few lines of level input and control: as this volume and low pass filter. Typically, the subwoofer's back is very easy to adjust, usually less common, is the general control panel.

- More advanced subwoofer is usually a stereo input, high frequency output, thus providing an adjustable phase control.

- Top subwoofer, there is a pin Hengband XLR connector that can suppress noise.

- If you do not provide a dual channel system subwoofer preamplifier output to provide input, you need to buy a subwoofer level.


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