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China Shenzhen Subwoofer Amplifier Manufacturer

 The subwoofer amplifier should be short, strictly speaking. In terms of audio analysis of the human ear it was possible to hear it with bass, bass, low alto, tenor, treble, treble, treble and other components.
Along with the development of broad economic and fundamental technologies, broad in the world of deep bass and audio. The bass is to broaden the infrastructure, with broader bands being clearer sound differences. Human ears can hear the base is their limited, but the feeling of others, but this can feel it with a sense of shock! We need to reflect the sound and the home theater audio program source, the bass is just present and needs to be restored, there you can make more solid source reduction program, its source Certain programs feel energy, it does not give a lack of power.
As the market is the most subwoofer amplifier built-in, as it is the powerful force needed to drive the bass, it's one that the subwoofer's speaker and amplifier are integrated into separate departments. Otherwise, the subwoofer's internal amp is a passive subwoofer. Subwoofers should use large caliber units and generally specially designed units. Power feeling has been involved in the evaluation of practical points of the contrast audition of various domestic and international subwoofers of the view, the effect of such a large caliber subwoofer is the best. However, the market can not put a bulky subwoofer, under certain conditions needs to be multifaceted, and some consumers prefer small items, it has a small subwoofer I will
For large subwoofers for home theater systems, and now more simple designed subwoofers, this seems to be just reasonable. Strictly speaking, the subwoofer can restore the front end designed with a bass only signal, the early design in a subwoofer, usually a crossover low pass filter circuit, the signal becomes higher than the bass filtered No back amplifier and base working cell interference.
The critical point is the cutoff frequency of the subwoofer's low-pass filter and because of the flexibility the subwoofer can adjust the cutoff frequency of many subwoofers. The subwoofer's cutoff frequency is set to play an important debugging environment for debugging the problem of subwoofer and speaker frequency interface, good convergence, and some signal destroying signals rather than system performance Convergence is not good, more perfect the real color.
In the digital home theater amp, the amplifier itself has a bass management setting combined with the speaker size setting to debug the subwoofer cutoff frequency setting.
Phase adjustment switch design, advanced phase adjustment subwoofer or consecutively most subwoofer. Phase adjustment is relatively simple, normal phase or anti-phase. After the sound of the subwoofer is ambiguous, in case you need to switch phase change overnight quickly, in case the correct setting, relatively strong bass must be shocking sound.
Bass is therefore placed anywhere in the listening room and lack of directionality is possible, but considering the huge environmental impact of the sound propagation, in fact, we are still overweight subwoofer Moved the arrangement of the strong, the conditions were found, we recommend that you debug subwoofer of their placement to achieve the best results, great bass reduction.

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