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  And now the mixer audio technology continues to progress, why today we continue to listen to low sound quality and excessive compression of the sound source? Is the music of high quality and lossless format?

 In theory, the higher the bit rate and sampling frequency, the sound can show a more delicate performance, and also make music more realistic. Early as the computer hardware storage capacity is small and the network bandwidth is slow, making the convenience of high MP3 format so far.

  In order to answer the same doubts of the majority of people, the British Guard found from 2007 began to produce high-resolution music Linn Records provide audio source, and please their own music editor audition, and the commonly used several music formats are compared: 128kbps and 320kbps MP3 format, CD and 24bit high resolution music.

 After two professional music editors audition, they came to an interesting conclusion. One of the editors that they can distinguish the difference between the sound source, MP3 and CD have a significant difference. But CD and high-resolution music compared to the difference is not as he imagined the huge, he must be very focused to listen to feel; and another editor is that even if able to distinguish, but important is the personal subjective feelings. He also added: ultra-clear performance of high-resolution music for me is too sharp and cold, but weakened the song's warmth and cohesion. This audition in the same hardware conditions, I actually liked the sound of CD.

  High-quality mixer audio can help music, the key or depends on the quality of recording and the subjective feelings of each person to identify. This subtle conclusion reflects that although the high sound quality presents a less flat voice to make the sound more full and wide, but some songs are different with the CD, the key is still depending on the recording quality and subjective feelings of each person Identified. Songs may be because the characteristics of Hi-Res music to more points, more real sense of presence; the other hand, it may also reveal the opera lead singer and the symphony orchestra is a separate recording of the facts, so that this feature becomes a disadvantage.

  In addition, high-resolution music than the current commonly used format cost to the high, an album price fell about NT $ 900 or so, full of three times the price of CD as much. Compared with the MP3 storage space, high-resolution music will occupy the device storage space of about 2 ~ 5GB, compared to low-quality MP3 60mb is also higher than nearly 30 times.

  But in recent years there are more and more support for high-resolution music player device appears, such as the mixer audio these brands produce audio service platform.

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