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China Shenzhen Audio Amplifier Manufacturers

  For the first time in more than a century, the electronic amplifiers were used as audio amplifiers. But so far, there has been constant updating, development and progress. It is primarily an important and basic hearing. For the sake of your green, the audio amplifier continues to improve.

  In the 21st century, portable electronic devices are an important trend in electronic devices. The first three players and mobile media and entertainment devices are almost all portable electronic devices. There is a common ground between mobile TV, portable DVD and etc. Portable electronic devices that are necessary to produce audio amplifiers. Another feature is their batteries. Everyone has a longer life. In this case, the d class amplifier was designed. The biggest feature is that the most effective is the minimal distortion.

   Efficient audio amplifiers are not only needed for portable devices, but also for high-power electronics. The greater the power, the more important the efficiency. Improving people's living conditions has improved the use of advanced stereos and home theater. These devices are equivalent to dozens to hundreds of watts of sound. At this point, distortion and low audio amplifier efficiency.

   The purpose of audio amplifiers is to reconstruct input signals, signal quantity and production levels and ideal, real, valid, and deformed. 20 hz frequency range at 20 KHZ range, therefore, the frequency response of the amplifier (but must drive, South African radio speaker system and other application is different, different sizes, the headset milliwatts and levels of computer voice output digital TV "mini" car audio and powerful for hundreds of thousands of families watt audio system, family and enterprise, in order to meet the demand of film and the auditorium.

  A simple analog audio amplifier is a linear model for the output voltage and input voltage of a transistor. The usual voltage is very high (at least 40 db). There is a positive feedback loop, too. Lead to high cycle) performance, increase positive nonlinear distortion, inhibit power suppression noise (PSR) increase production, so often use feedback.

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