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    The operation of the power amplifier transistor or the operation of the power supply voltage control operation of the FET is converted into a current corresponding to the change of the input signal. Different frequency and different amplitudes are negative, that is, when the collector current of the transistor is always β-times the base current of the AC signal current, the triac of the triac is a small injection signal, On the basis of the application, the current collector current in the scale will be equal to the base current and the beta and DC blocking capacitors, which will result in a release current (or voltage) of the original signal, which is large To the extent that affects the transistor. Power is amplified by constant current and voltage is amplified.
    The so-called power amplifier "PA" is often the whole sound is not installed by the required power amplifier from the rated output power up to the system drive the task host you power amplifier the entire sound system and playback equipment to make up the strength gap I want to smoke, Coordination "of the important role is to provide good quality control of the entire system output.
The first feature of a power amplifier
And supplies the signal it provides to the power amplifier's load of the power amplifier. When the amplifier is operated, the amplitude and current of the signal voltage are large, so that a small signal amplifier has some other function.
   An actual operation of the heat exchange power control load transistor will be amplified by the operation of the power supplied to the DC power supply of the amplifier. AC output power is closely related to the string and DC power supply. How does it convert AC output power and DC power to the end of how much energy power amplifier? We believe that the power amplifier is the best thing that DC converts into 100% AC output, but I hope it is actually impossible. The transistor itself is a power and efficiency that consumes a certain power consumption for a variety of circuit components (resistors, transformers, etc.). The decision is to turn off the fluctuating operating point under large signal working conditions. Once the linear region has a nonlinear distortion of the operating point of the input and output characteristics of the curve. Thus, the audio power amplifier's output power and non-linear distortion are always considered with respect. The universal audio power amplifier has no indicator of the maximum output power and distortion of the maximum output power of the two dates. The electronic amplifier describes the maximum load capacity that represents the magnification without distortion. For example, the maximum output of the two amplifiers is 50 watts, but no distortion of the maximum power and electronics 40 other distortions to the latter's good performance maximum power of 30 watts.
    According to another working state of the power amplifier can be divided into groups A, B, AB-3. The linear region of the class and the operating state of the current signal have a low cycle efficiency of the output power, but the amplification characteristic of the cycle is small. Output amplifier characteristic curve B label workpiece base current equal to the half cycle in the signal current high efficiency, high output serious distortion, zero flow. The third operating point of the amplifier is not selected by the low B as high as the CPI is amplified by any current blocking time compared to the group A and B, we have three things between the state of the power amplifier half cycle performance This will help you understand the features.

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