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  All types of audio devices of the power amplifier can be said to be the largest family whose main function is the relatively weak signal of the audio amplifier unit used to generate sufficient current to drive the speaker's reproduction input. Power, impedance, distortion and other control and fabrication in the dynamic range control and design by considering the internal signal processing circuit are different from other amplifiers. The main purpose amplifier can be divided into two categories, that is, professional amplifier and amplifier home. Such as stadiums, cinemas, dance halls, conference rooms and other public places, sound reinforcement and recording room monitoring and other places on-site amplifiers, usually always say that there are some unique requirements for these amplifier's technical parameters are also commonly referred to as professional PA. Family members can enjoy the system and entertainment karaoke amplifier high-quality music player, usually we call the home of the amplifier. This question, please tell closely with our hypothetical amplifier.
The power amplifier according to the classification instrument used in the power amplifier circuit can be divided into tube amp amplifiers integrated circuits and amplifier crystals. The main advantage of using a tube amplifier tube amplifier (commonly known as "tube amperes") is a comfortable wide dynamic range, good linearity, and pleasant sound. However, there are two problems with increasing the tube amplifier, two large amplifiers with damping resistors; and the second tube power transformer, but it only has a high voltage power supply that can not be without bulky transformers, the transient characteristics of the small distortion effect. In order to overcome these two defective tube amplifiers, the damping factor is a brittle and powerful tube amplifier that can be better than the intensity of the sound and the rhythm is good for transient response without the need for transformers as well as cost savings, small size and To avoid distortion by the transformer. The final stage amplifier is the high reliability of its integrated circuit, as well as the advantages of simple and easy to set the peripheral circuit, the shortcomings of the first electro-acoustic indicators (power, frequency response distortion, noise ratio and other signals) to the quality of two types of amplifiers The
The stage / amplifier integrated amplifier features classified by functional classification can be divided into an amplifier, a rear amplifier and an integrated amplifier. The preamplifier is a significant effect if the voltage is sent to the amplified signal after it exceeds the desired processing and is output to the next post amplifier. This seems similar to the turnout, which is cut by the control amplifier to switch the signal to the channel's audio amplifier, the audio signal path. The rear amplifier power amplifier is the same signal to amplify only part of its front role, and we will ask that the work to be done also has a high magnification level that is better and the signal amplification distortion may be low. In addition to amplifying the circuit, different protection circuit designs such as short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, overtemperature protection, overcurrent protection. These two types of amplifiers are commonly used for high-end devices. The integrated amplifier and amplifier are coupled to the preamplifier and the rear two amplifiers of the two first functions are commonly referred to as amplifiers for a wide range of its combined applications. Despite the general terms of the previous general, the integrated amplifier is less expensive than the rear-mounted amplifier, and the price is cheap and easy to meet the needs of the family and the general use of the amplifier, the gray fully integrated.
The power amplifier is used to distinguish the assigned high fidelity amplifier. It represents English as a high fidelity hi fidelity, hi fidelity means pure music amplifier and music lovers love. Watt's highest fidelity amplifier with 2 x 150 output power. High-fidelity recording technology designed to meet the needs of playing music, so that more people enjoy the best music needs to be faithful to the surface of the request when emphasizing the emergence of the smallest signal distortion. High-fidelity audio amplifier for general machine.

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