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Output power to obtain a sufficiently large power amplifier, the amplifier's operating voltage and operating current close to the limit parameters. The maximum allowable power of the collection tube is related to the state of the thermal radiation of the power amplifier tube, and the heat dissipation state of the power amplifier tube can increase the maximum allowable power loss. In the use of power amplifiers, it must be installed in accordance with the provisions of the radiator.
    Output Power Efficiency The high power amplifier is powered by a DC power supply. As the power amplifier tube has a certain internal resistance, there is a certain degree of power loss. In this application, the ratio of the power amplifier to the output power of the power supplied by the power supply is referred to as the efficiency of the power amplifier. Obviously, the amplifier's more loss is small and the efficiency of the power amplifier becomes higher.
In order to improve the nonlinear distortion of the output power, the dynamic range is very large in the amplifier tube, close to the cut state and the saturation state, which is beyond the linearity of the transistor characteristic curve. For this reason it is necessary to reduce the non-linear distortion of the power amplifier.
The function of the power amplifier is to output the contents of the expanded input. It is called "signal" to input and output the contents of both. Often behave as voltage and power. For the amplifier as a "system", the "contribution" is to absorb something to raise the level of "output" to the outside world, which is "absorbed" to the outside world. "The rise of contribution", which is the "meaning" of the existence of the amplifier. If you can prove that an amplifier has excellent performance, it can contribute more to reflect its "value". If the "mechanism design" of the amplifier initial problems, after a period of work or work, "contribution" is impossible, there may be an accident "shock" the possibility of occurrence. The outside world and the amplifier itself are catastrophic.

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