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    Is the output impedance and output power of the power amplifier consistent with the withstand power and input impedance of the connected speakers?
      Talk about impedance, and now the home speaker is basically a low impedance design, generally between 4 ohms and 8 ohms. The home high-fidelity transistor power amplifier output design, the vast majority of constant pressure output, the load impedance is not much demand, generally not less than 4 Europe, there is no security on the issue. Such as a power amplifier marked (8 ohms, 60W / ch), but that the load impedance of 8 ohms, each channel can output a maximum of 60W power, not to say that must be connected to the impedance of 8 oh speakers. If your speaker impedance between 4 ohms and 8 ohms, you can not consider the impedance matching problem. Now, enthusiasts generally have a saying: that is, if the power amplifier has (8 Europe, 60W / ch) output power, then, when connected to the 4-ohm speakers, you can have 120W / ch output power. Here mention this, this argument is not entirely correct. For a power amplifier, the reduction in load impedance can increase the maximum output power of the power amplifier, but it is not necessarily a linear relationship, which is limited by the power supply of the power amplifier and the performance of the unweighted power tube. Specific to each machine, you have to look at the instructions to determine. Talk about power, under normal circumstances, the home speaker will indicate its maximum power.
    If you buy the speaker power amplifier maximum power is 100W, but does not mean that you must buy a 100W output power of the power amplifier. Because, in the case of high fidelity, the power amplifier is required to have more than 10 times the reserve power. Power amplifier reserve power larger, listen at a small volume, the sound quality will be better, so most people tend to buy some of the power of the larger power amplifier to push the less power of the speaker. Such as a pair of power to withstand the 100W speaker, you can buy a maximum output power of 150W power amplifier to push. So that it will not be easy to burn the speaker? Will not. Usually a pair of genuine speakers, in an instant can withstand ten times its maximum power without damage. Moreover, most people will not open the volume so much. A pair of speakers for the 89db, usually the average person will only open the power amplifier to 5W ~ 10W, to feel enough volume. Finally, to remind the reader is that the power amplifier power standard method, usually Europe and the United States are according to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard marked, the Japanese machine according to the Japanese national standard (EIAJ) marked. The same power, according to the Japanese standard will be about one-third higher. Power amplifiers and speakers

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