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China Capacitor Microphone Supplier

     The microphone is a super important, but also super fun things. So that the microphone in the recording, probably like a catcher on the pitcher, and the like. To understand what this thing has on the sound, we must first know what is the frequency. The frequency is the number of occurrences of things in a certain time, in Hz. In the sound, and each frequency band has his voice characteristics, such as low frequency is like the engine operation of the rumble, IF like people talking. The focus comes, because each need to record things have their sound characteristics, so we will be based on how to reflect the needs of the sound frequency or its tone as a standard for selecting the microphone.
        Of course you can say that these in the late EQ can be transferred, but remember that the microphone is to capture the sound of the first line of defense, can solve the problem at the beginning better than after the good.
     From this table can be seen, this SM58 is not suitable for recording drums, because the low frequency of local poor performance. SM58 is not suitable for stringed instruments, because the high-frequency part of the poor performance. So what is suitable for SM58? His mid-frequency high-frequency part of the outstanding performance, the most suitable for human voice, but also retained a great reduction.
 The microphone that receives the sound in this way has several characteristics:
First, he is not sensitive. Because the current generated by the method of vibrating permanent magnets is relatively small, it is more difficult to receive for relatively small sounds, the ability to look at the front of the microphone, and the performance of the high and low frequency is not so ideal.
Second, he can accept a considerable sound signal. Because he is very sensitive, so particularly suitable for receiving very large volume, such as drums and guitar speakers and so on.
Third, he is very durable. Because he does not have a sophisticated electronic circuit, basically completely rely on physical movement to convert the sound of the media.
Fourth, he is relatively cheap. Because of his own characteristics, resulting in his lower cost, simple and easy to use.
Condenser Mic is a condenser microphone, as the name suggests, he needs to rely on electricity to drive. He has two energized films that change the distance between the two pieces of metal to produce a current signal by the vibration at the time of receiving the sound.
Fifth, he needs an external power supply, whether it is built-in battery or he is a return to the microphone circuit, invisible power supply. Can think of him as a microphone socket, if this will be better understood.
Sixth, he is very sensitive. Because the metal sheet is very light, so as long as a slight sound can let him shake. For the performance of the frequency of reception are quite good.
Seventh, because he is very sensitive, please be careful. Especially the big message. Do not be careful on the carpet may cause him to cause permanent damage. Fourth, he is relatively expensive. Because of his more sophisticated parts, the manufacturing process is complex, even if there is nothing additional features can also be more than a lower with a lower bass radio microphone expensive.
Some people will say that the use of advanced recording. Honestly, you can not completely oppose, after all, money and maintenance needs are much higher. But when it comes to recording quality, I think it is a matter of opinion. Remember that all the microphone features are designed to allow you to choose the most matching microphone based on the situation. Assuming there is an EMO group today to the studio roar, even if it is a big group to give you a lot of money, I think you probably will not give him a singing ... probably is such a concept.

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