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China Audio Amplifier Manufacturer|Audio Amplifier Price

Audio amplifiers have been about the old century, the first application is the first audio amplifier tube amplifier. Until now, however, it will always be updated to development and progress. The main reason is very important and the most basic thing in various ways of human hearing. In order to meet that need, the relationship to the audio amplifier is constantly improved.
In the 21st century, various electronic devices of portable audio amplifiers are becoming an important trend. As a communication tool from cell phones, MP3 players such as entertainment equipment, portable electronic equipment, etc. have become almost usable people. On top of that it continues to have popular portable TV, portable DVD and so on. All of the common portable electronics need to have an audio amplifier, there is an audio output there. Another feature is that they are battery powered. I think that everything has a long life. That is, in the context of such demands, class D amplifiers are being developed. Its greatest feature is that it can get the best efficiency with the lowest maintenance distortion.
However, high-efficiency audio amplifiers that do not require portable devices are required for medium- and high-power electronic devices. So, the power consumption is also large, efficiency is more important. With the improvement of people's living conditions, higher-end Hi-Fi equipment and home theaters began to gradually rise. These devices often require dozens of watts or hundreds of watts of audio power. In this case, the low distortion, high efficiency audio amplifier will be the key member in it.
The audio amplifier output element is a sound that produces an input signal level and output level reconstructed so that the audio signal is above the object - solid, efficient and low distortion. An audio frequency range on the order of 20 Hz to ~ 20 kHz, therefore the amplifier in this range must have a good frequency response (number of speaker drive band limited, below as a woofer or tweeter). Depending on the application, the size of the power varies widely, from watt home stereos and car audio, home and power "mini", ten, milliwatt headphones to TV and PC audio wattage, even more commercial sound, Hundreds of watts large enough to satisfy the sound requirements of the cinema and auditorium, the above system.
In a simple analog audio amplifier implementation, the input voltage is to use a linear mode transistor to obtain a proportional to the output voltage. The forward voltage gain is usually high (at least 40 decibels). If the feedback loop contains a forward gain, the overall loop gain is also high. Distortion due to nonlinear forward path can be suppressed, and by increasing the power supply (PSR), so frequently used feedback is increased due to high loop gain to improve performance reducing power supply noise rejection .

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