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China Audio Amplifier Manufacturer

         What is an audio amplifier? It can be divided into two categories: a class of low-energy or low-energy speakers, unsatisfactory sound of the total output of the low-frequency output, and the location of the second speaker, ideally not, fidelity is not enough, and so on. It is difficult to push the dilemma.
In this case, do a brief analysis of the audio amplifier:
1, the sensitivity of the audio amplifier coefficient, the output sound pressure is not enough, there is a certain relationship. At present, many home business small speakers themselves, if the lack of its own inherent physical properties have been selected small speaker caliber unit, when you install the speakers and tweeter, there will be some 90 dB for 5kHz 85 dB case, When you try the treble sensitivity sensitivity, also for the 50Hz woofer, then, how does it install the box? For you to add the bass part, you will use a box structure to get a balanced sound, possibly with a reduced minimum sensitivity and sensitivity to use a high frequency bass using a divider while you can. This means that the sensitivity of the overall loudspeaker has been "pulled down" to 85 decibels. While the entire pin Hengband loudspeaker is normal, the amount of output energy is consumed by the frequency of the network, which is consumed in the amplifier's high output amplifier.
2, the impedance matching of the audio amplifier, the typical impedance of a pair of speakers (for example, at 1kHz), the other frequency, the change in the number of impedance curves relative to the 20 ohm impedance of the work refers to the presence or presence of low impedance If the amplifier has sufficient driving force, the output power is enhanced by a specific frequency, the necessary test amplifier. Although the output power of the amplifier itself is reduced, and when the driving force is insufficient, the frequency output is Very low Buy yourself for yourself because the speakers and amplifiers will not be able to fully understand the features, however, may only have a trial period with only practical effects, as in the known configuration.
3, also includes a number of other known and unknown factors that match the amplifier and the speaker, which means multiple regional features. We are very difficult to meet the push of the young speaker, do not necessarily push the young speaker amplifier, a common brand, the speaker's voice can be transmitted to other amplifiers, duck so it can drive water, amplifier and speaker parts, how can we not In many cases it is possible to be a strong "co-operative". While there are some unknown elements that are included in the loudspeaker and amplifier, there is one thing that, in order to minimize the impact, "the cooperation between the speaker and the amplifier does not use the large loop feedback amplifier model may not" , As much as possible, sure.
4, the characteristics of audio amplifier, some do not understand the problem, do not understand, but not good, the heat actually has a lot of friends, the speaker's personality, some aspects of the advantage is there, difficult to push the Yang's " "To determine the number of well-known masters I also, all parties must have a good performance hope, especially the purchase of the most speaker price, the speaker must be in full hope, I do not believe it. It is, it's not hard to push the young speakers really hard to push.
    Whether it is concerned about the audio amplifier, many people do not think it is difficult to promote this topic. There is also in order to restore the mysterious loudspeakers without good bass "rare items" is that they can in most of the products, such as my many big "big" speakers friends speaker manufacturers find things that the bass is too low so you Prepare loudspeaker amplifiers such as the cost of the other side of the price is much higher, may be them, become a rational, audio amplifier market, the actual variety.

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