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China 1000w Audio Amplifier Supplier|Peak Audio Ca20 Power Amplifier Manufacturer

   The purpose of the audio amplifier is to reconstruct the input audio signal, which produces sound, the signal volume and the power level are ideal (true, effective, low) output elements. The audio range from about 20Hz to 20kHz, the amplifier must have a good frequency characteristic in this range (in the case of driving band-limited speakers such as woofers and tweeter). According to the different applications, from the headset's milliwatts TV or PC audio power, the stereo "mini" family and power up to dozens of caster sounds, is more powerful for home and commercial sound cinema and auditorium in order to meet the system 100 watts of sound requirements.
Audio amplifier classification
     The working class has a long time, where high quality audio amplifiers are limited to Class A (Class A) and Class AB (Class A). The reason for this is that in the prior art, because there is a B-class (B) tube ampere distortion only in the device, such as a tube, so even if the public address is not easily accepted by people. All self-declared high-fidelity amplifiers operate under push-pull type A (class A).
    With the advent of semiconductor devices, the development of the amplifier design has become more free. Information about the type of amplifier is not limited to Class A (Class A) and Class AB (Class A), and there are several types of amplifiers.
This type of amplifier is characterized in that the average value can be used to control the duty cycle of the signal to represent the instantaneous level of the audio signal in the frequency intermittent switching device of the audio frequency. This is called pulse width modulation (PWM), and its efficiency is theoretically very high (typically 90% or higher).
However, due to the fact that the actual is still not a high output square wave for the difficulty of 200kHz a good starting point is very large. In terms of distortion, in order to ensure that the sampling frequency is valid, it must be a low-pass steep cut-off frequency. The device is inserted between the amplifier and the loudspeaker to remove most of the RF components. At least four of the inductors (taking into account the stereo), the cost is not naturally low. In addition, it does not guarantee a flat frequency response to a particular load impedance relative to the frequency response.
Application: Modern Class D amplifiers are comparable Class AB amplifiers. Class D switch amplifiers are very effective and have been widely used in portable applications.
     Audio amplifier, has been somewhat similar. For small output signals, the current is supplied from the low voltage source. In the case of a "large signal", the power supply is switched to a higher voltage source. In this way, it should be more effective than class B (class B). However, this improvement is also difficult to switch the cost of multiple output devices and switching diodes at high frequencies, not suitable for certain high output professional equipment.

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