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Cheap Subwoofer Amplifier

  Speaking of subwoofer amplifiers, usually provide LFE input (bass dedicated channel) and built-in multiple subwoofer all the frequency amplifiers, the input signal in the full range, the output using the earth, the satellite I will go to trumpet. Gun, gun to small satellite speakers, and then select the output source.
However, there are several Hi-Fi systems that can be used for subwoofer amplifiers. It uses the main bass and the importance of the Hi-Fi system, which complements the main speaker and makes the whole system stand out. In particular, many home frame speakers that rely on a pair of bookshelf speakers to achieve full frequency range are not likely to add a dedicated subwoofer in this case, so proper use is appropriate for proper tuning.
Why is it from the high fidelity point of view, does it receive the amplifier's high level input speaker output terminal is the best? This connection is most easy to understand because it makes the adjustment between the main speaker and the subwoofer the best for the sound. We know that the main speaker Hi-Fi amplifier will amplify the subwoofer and then sound it out and then through the built-in amplifier, then it will become the subwoofer or the source line level of the pre-level low signal, the main speaker may be very different. This shows that the main speaker, subwoofer sound inconsistent, coherent problem. High fidelity magnifying subwoofer, subwoofer and main speaker if advanced signal chip appears easy to achieve consistency characteristics.
If you use a subwoofer to supplement the low-frequency response of the main speaker, the recommended selection for the playback fan is a high-level, advanced connection. REL subwoofer is connected to the loudspeaker high-fidelity amplifier output terminal of the bare wire 3, with a long special line, the other end to receive a dedicated XLR, directly into the subwoofer advanced.
Many subwoofer is not currently such a low-level interface, low-level interface, LFE bass channel interface. This subwoofer is not suitable for use in high-fidelity sound systems, AV for audio-visual systems. So if you are a favorite hi-fidelity system to choose subwoofer lovers, the high priority setting chooses the input model. After the connection, the correct adjustment of the subwoofer is also very important, adjust the necessary subwoofer is mainly to adjust the crossover point, adjust the bass volume, adjust the subwoofer position.
The subwoofer amplifier is an omnidirectional signal, but we know everything, but in fact it does not mean that the bass unit, the position does not affect the sound. Is actually affected today, many people do not directly face the audience's bass, but more moderate hearing (fire), it is because it is facing the form, rather than the audience's flame, compared to the subwoofer through the down The woofer is a good feeling, not very positive. In any case, the back of the subwoofer at several locations on the main speaker, not only in many cases can get more collaborative effects.

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