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Cheap Audio Power Amplifier

High-fidelity audio equipment, power amplifier for audio signal output, from a variety of audio processing and amplification, no distortion, to achieve a specific power to promote the speaker's voice. Among them, the low distortion power amplifier is to solve the main problem, in order to achieve audio signal power amplifier, power, high efficiency.
   The high output power we need to get has enough power amplifiers, the operating voltage and current amplifiers are close to the limiting parameters. In order to improve the cooling conditions of the power amplifier, the associated maximum allowable power amplifier amplifier tube collector collector cooling conditions can increase the maximum allowable power consumption. In actual use, the power amplifier radiator must be installed correctly.
high efficiency. In order to obtain power and power, it is called the power amplifier's efficiency, not the loudspeaker's power. The output of the power amplifier is a DC power source because the power amplifier tube has a constant internal resistance because there will be some power consumption. PA efficiency is as high as possible.
Non-linear distortion is small. For a large dynamic range of the power amplifier signal, the power amplifier must be saturated and operate close to the cutoff frequency, attempting to reduce the linearity of the nonlinear distortion beyond the characteristic curve.
The basic components of a power amplifier
In high-fidelity circuits, the amplifying circuit is usually composed of two or more audio channels. Each channel is divided into two main parts, a preamplifier and a power amplifier. The circuit can be integrated in the same chassis, can be divided into two parts in two chassis, which is called integrated amplifier.
For the same left and right channels, since the dual channel circuit is described, the only way is to map the following circuit block diagram. Figure Front amplifier on the left side, the right side is the power amplifier.
The composition of the preamplifier. ; A variety of tone control, zoom to the nominal level, select the desired audio signal to beautify the sound: it has a dual function. These functions are amplified by means of equalizers, source selection, amplification and pitch control input circuits.
Choose the source of (1). A function source selection circuit for selecting a desired audio signal at a later stage while closing other audio channels. The output of various sound sources is usually divided into high and low classification, different from each other. Move the coil and move the record player and output signal level of the magnet to the tuner, tape drive, CD player, VCD / DVD player, high level VCD / DVD player, other audio is 50 - 500 mV, The sound source can be supplied directly to the selection circuit. The output level is only 0.5 ~ 5 mV, provided to the balanced amplification, the target is the sound source selection circuit, called the low level. The line still provides auxiliary input, preamplifier and flexibility, and other inputs that connect the treble TV signal.
(2) input power amplifier. Usually in the vicinity of 1V, the amplification amplifier is the role of the audio signal input to the nominal level. The input amplifier can be designed for isolation amplifiers that can be amplified using the desired pitch control circuit.
(3) Tone control. According to the voice preferences of the audience, modify and beautify the purpose is to allow the sound system of the frequency characteristics of quality control to achieve high fidelity sound quality. Sometimes you can also insert another equalizer to further beautify the sound. Tone controls include volume control, volume control, sound quality adjustment, left and right channel pins and hens, low noise and high frequency noise rejection.
2 sets of power amplifier. While many circuit schemes the power amplifier is basically an excitation stage, an output stage and a protection circuit component.
(1) driver stage. The driver level is based on the former, and the gain is driven primarily by the driver stage to facilitate the excitation to provide the necessary and sufficient voltage gain to provide sufficient power to implement the excitation amplifier output stage. It can be divided into input level.
(2) output stage. The output stage is used to produce enough power output without distortion. In order to obtain good frequency response, harmonic distortion and SNR performance, we can introduce negative feedback between the output stage and the driver stage.
(3) protection circuit. The protection circuit protects the power transistor and the speaker's output stage to prevent damage due to overload.
In addition, for a complete high-fidelity amplifier, the DC power amplifier must have an organic level indicator circuit.

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