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Since the contact with the sound, especially the subwoofer amplifier portable digital music playback device has been popular, often listen to friends around the subwoofer, but because some business irresponsible business propaganda lead to misunderstanding, every time I have Give them to say half a day. A few days ago, because looking for a design designed for the home listening environment, bass dive and no need for high-power subwoofer, to seek a variety of programs. In this process, a treasure on the promotion of some businesses let me think of the experience with these friends, and I told a brother said to be a thing to imitate BOSE12 inch cannon, so, these are widely available for subwoofer The wrong understanding, I think it is necessary to spit for a quick.

  Subwoofer amplifier, the sound from the power amplifier to re-play out, the most important one is responsible for the electrical signal into mechanical vibration sound signal speaker, commonly known as speakers. Speaker has a variety of structures, but the ideal can be a speaker to reproduce all the frequency of the sound signal, which is extremely difficult to do, and even can be said to be impossible. The fundamental reason is that the sound is a mechanical wave, the mechanism must rely on mechanical vibration, and the frequency of mechanical vibration by the impact of the impact of shock film and constraints, so now the speaker manufacturers, but also with the production of SLR camera lens, According to different frequency segments, the production of different speakers, which produced everyone to see the subwoofer, subwoofer, midrange speakers, tweeter, ultrahigh speaker and so on.

   Subwoofer Amplifier In the whole sound reproduction process, because the human hearing system is not sensitive to bass, and the cost of playing bass is relatively high (need high power amplifier to promote and large caliber speakers), so we often buy some audio equipment, especially Small sound equipment is limited by the speaker caliber, in the playback of low frequency sound is very weak, and some basic can be said to be no bass. Here's the bass I can not define the frequency, because the different playback device horn caliber difference is too large. Even if a lot of subwoofer caliber to 8-inch speaker, it is difficult to reproduce the following 40 Hz sound. And in the music or film in the frequency range of the sound signal for the music or the atmosphere of the film also plays a very important rendering role, such as music in the bass, drums, movies in the tank, shells and other occasions, subwoofer, so super Bass speaker came into being, that is, we often say "subwoofer".

 Subwoofer amplifier selection, if the car, select the trapezoidal subwoofer on it, the greater the better the trumpet caliber (of course, the more space occupied by the trunk), the direct flow of the long hole on the line, round because of the air There may be airflow noise. Home subwoofer, power is not the main to see, speaker caliber, sensitivity, box design (large volume of low-frequency resonance is good, so everything to compress the box volume subwoofer are playing rogue, such as a subwoofer) Low frequency response is the main.

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