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Subwoofer amplifier with a simple and reliable, excellent performance, the use of flexible and so on. If its balanced circuit parameters slightly modified, but also for other types of ultra-low frequency speakers. 10-inch unit ASW subwoofer low frequency limit selected 36Hz, this indicator is very good, but the playback of 36Hz below the ultra-low frequency when the amount is still insufficient, if the use of 8-inch or 6.5-inch unit produced ultra-low frequency speakers, low frequency The lower limit is generally only to achieve more than 42Hz, ultra-low frequency playback is stretched, powerless. At this time most of the hear only ultra-low frequency homophonic. It is necessary through the equalization circuit in advance of 40Hz below the ultra-low frequency components to be appropriate to enhance the potential to maximize the speaker to improve the playback effect. In addition, different types of ultra-low frequency speakers are also low frequency upper limit, and the main speaker low frequency with the lower limit is not necessarily appropriate, may cause the system in the low frequency response distortion. It is also necessary through the balanced circuit of the ultra-low frequency speakers to adjust the frequency of the upper, so that the main speaker with the low frequency of the perfect match. And 20Hz below the sub-low frequency ear can not be heard, but the music signal may exist (including noise), once into the speaker, unit cone pots of great amplitude, will produce a large number of audible distortion signal (such as modulation distortion, Times, third harmonic distortion, etc.), it also needs to be attenuated by an equalization circuit.
    The subwoofer amplifier used to drive the subwoofer requires a sufficient drive current, low internal resistance, high stability and reliability, and no other requirements for special performance. Here we have chosen as shown in Figure 4 full DC symmetrical complementary amplifier circuit. The amplifier can provide 100W non-distortion power for 5Ω load, input sensitivity of 300mV, output noise voltage of 1.2mV, to meet the above requirements, and has a simple circuit, distortion and low noise, high conversion rate. Even for full-band amplifier is also a better choice.
    In the selection of this classic circuit, but also in the circuit rubbing into the pre-diode isolation power supply technology, to further improve the large dynamic burst signal arrival of the pre-circuit drive capacity. Figure diodes D1, D2 that when the task. When the large dynamic burst signal arrives, the final output of the current surge, forcing the power supply voltage instantaneous decline, then because of D1, D2 reverse isolation, filter capacitor C5, C7 voltage can not be mutated, can still be basic Keep the signal before the arrival of a higher voltage, so the push level can continue to provide a higher signal voltage and a larger drive current, subwoofer amplifier so that the sound of a more powerful sense of hearing, stamina full, due to large dynamic Signal is often found in the low frequency band, so the use of the technology for ultra-low frequency amplifier is particularly important, the actual sense of hearing also confirmed this point.

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