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Buy Subwoofer Amplifier

 Subwoofer amplifier commonly known as or referred to, strictly speaking should be: subwoofer speakers. In the case of audible audio analysis, it is composed of overweight bass, bass, low midrange, midrange, treble, treble, treble and so on.

Simply speaking, low frequency is the basic framework of the sound, the frequency is the sound of flesh and blood, high frequency is the details of the sound reflected.

With the development of science and technology and the development of economic base, overweight bass and broadband into the audio world. Subwoofer is to strengthen the structure, broadband is the voice of the difference is more clear.

   Overweight bass ear can be heard and its limited, but the other people will feel the senses, this is the feeling of shock! In terms of sound and home theater to reflect the needs of the audio program source, the subwoofer only exists in a specific program source and needs to be restored, there is it, can make the source of the reduction of more solid, no it gives a lack of power , The feeling of energy. For example, in the cinema or in reality, we can feel the kind of power and energy shock when the plane took off, but if our home theater is not equipped with subwoofer or unreasonable configuration, we can not feel this shock, but also Nothing more than that.

   Subwoofer Amplifier In terms of audio environment, whether it is listening to music or watching movies, overweight bass (broadband) are needed, should be guaranteed. This is the digital home theater in the two major audio reduction standard to draw 0.1CH as a subwoofer channel also shows its meaning and role, it is necessary, but also can compromise.

Why should compromise? Because of the reduction of the bass, as the standard drawer of course, it is difficult to understand, because the cost is huge. Without the use of other techniques, the bass playback unit should be large in diameter, and in addition, driving this large-diameter unit also requires high-power amplifiers, which will be the cost of reducing the weight of the bass.

Of course, we can also buy in the market sales price is not very high subwoofer, which is actually another compromise, technically it is pseudo-subwoofer Bale, but from the commodity and consumer market, this is the market need.

   As mentioned earlier, subwoofer amplifiers require powerful power to drive, so most of the subwoofer on the market are built-in amplifier, that is, the subwoofer speakers and amplifiers are independently divided and integrated into one. If the subwoofer does not have an amplifier, it is a passive subwoofer.

   Strictly speaking, subwoofer should use large diameter unit, and is generally a specially designed unit. Sensory power has been involved in the evaluation of a variety of subwoofer at home and abroad to listen to the actual comparison, this large-caliber subwoofer effect is the best.

But the market needs to be multi-faceted, under certain conditions, can not put a large volume of subwoofer, in addition, some consumers also like small goods, so there will be a small subwoofer presence. This subwoofer is usually obtained by means of technical means, such as Dr. Yamaha, the former is the box design technology, which is the circuit design technology. But no matter how this subwoofer shock, but one of the "false" is difficult to cover up, please accurately understand what I said "false", do not spread, so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstanding and misunderstanding.

    With the large number of subwoofer amplifiers used in home theater systems, the current subwoofer design is becoming more and more simple, and this simple seems reasonable. Strictly speaking, the subwoofer can only restore the subwoofer signal, so in the early subwoofer design, the front end is usually also designed with low-pass filter crossover circuit, is higher than the subwoofer signal filter out, so that it does not enter Behind the amplifier and interfere with the work of the subwoofer unit.

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