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  Power amplifiers are often referred to as "loudspeakers" PA abbreviations amplifiers and sound systems that are the most basic devices that challenge the weak signal from a source (from a professional audio system mixer). It is magnified to drive the sound speaker.

Amplifier, amplifier how to choose a good brand

Method / step

About PA

The effect of the power amplifier is the weak signal from the sound source amplifier or the preamplifier because the speaker pushes the burst. The role of the excellent sound system amplifier has contributed [1].

Amplifiers, a variety of audio devices, one of the largest families, but its main function is to compare the audio device input to generate enough current to boost the loudspeaker sound playback, and then compare the later weak signal. Taking into account the power, impedance, distortion and different dynamic range of control and adjustment functions, the internal signal processing circuit of the different amplifier design and manufacturing process is also different.

Option point

First, check through the interface to complete

The fact that the AV amplifier must have a basic input and output interface should include: coaxial fiber, RCA multi-channel input for inputting digital or analog audio signals, and a speaker output interface for outputting audio signals.

Second, look at the complete surround sound format

There are popular surround sound formats DD and DTS, but there are two or more 5.1. At present, these two formats are for DD EX and DTS ES development, two 6.1 channels.

Third, separate the power supply to see if there is a channel

Some low-cost dual-channel amplifier channels can be individually adjusted, but are small for each channel, but in the AV amplifier and larger AV amplifier, it is actually divided into five channels.

Fourth, look at the weight of the power amplifier

  In general, it is important to select a powerful heavy-duty aircraft for heavy-duty airplanes for the first time to supply power, most of the weight from power amplifiers and chassis, heavy machinery, because it converts more value means to use large capacity, or Used to enlarge, the use of large-capacity capacitors to improve the quality of practice. Heavy-duty chassis below, light-weight lamps have some degree of chassis material, isolated external circuits and radio chassis walking have some help. It is higher than the weight of the chassis structure, but is stable, but also to avoid unnecessary equipment by the impact of vibration noise. Third, the amplifiers, solid materials are usually richer.

The power sound system is the most important parameter that represents a sound system with a load function. This is why we need to pay attention to the first place in the purchase. Even if all manufacturers use different indicators to determine product performance, the lack of sufficient knowledge is often difficult to make objective comparisons. The amplifier is also the same, pay attention to the following three points, you need to identify the amplifier power supply.

First, the battery voltage.

The automotive battery voltage is constantly changing due to two common identifiers: 14.4V / 100W, the power amplifier 12V / 100W is completely different. In the voltage state of 12V, 12V in the voltage state, the actual operation of the car voltage is basically measuring the power value close to the actual situation. And up to 12V can achieve more power, and can continue to identify the reference voltage for the 12V power amplifier.

Second, harmonic distortion THD.

When comparing the continuous output power amplifier, it should be the same (or close) as the THD value. THD sound quality difference between the different test values is very obvious, sometimes the highest power recognition rate is high, distortion and noise may be very high. So please also note the THD value Note that it is marked, please also check the maximum power.

Third, the frequency range.

The output of the continuous power amplifier is detected within its actual frequency range. The specific high-frequency power values of the power amplifiers can only be used to identify a full range of detections, only when they are meaningless. We can compare the power amplifier, so after determining the same standard. Select the sound system, the general should follow the power output principle. The output power amplifier is large and the loudspeaker shows its powerful drive capability. For long-term use, low power, high power options, power amplifiers should be larger than power speakers when the display is easy to burn, not only power but also

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