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Buy High Power Subwoofer Amplifier

  Subwoofer amplifier is the device to restore the sound signal, reduce the performance of the speaker is to assess the important criteria for reliability.

  According to the different principles of sound and internal structure, the speaker can be divided into closed, flat, square, labyrinth and other closed the most important forms of ventilation. The enclosure efficiency of the enclosure is relatively low at the top of the enclosure, and the difference in the ventilator housing is on the round hole in the frequency converter and the front panel or rear panel.

  Only suitable speakers in the frequency converter are installed at the pressure below the same number of sounds in the sealed box, favoring the performance of the low frequency part and higher than 3 dB, the reversing box becomes an important cause of the wider popularity.

Some features of active speakers

  Subwoofer amplifier shielded speakers and magnetic shielded speakers to prevent "magnetization" damage. The monitor interferes with the TV and computer monitor screens, which are considered to be serious, the screen's magnetic field distortion and color distortion blocks. Although the screen will not interfere with the TV monitor, but even a very simple speaker is also necessary. The average price of most loudspeakers is usually higher than that of a magnetic shielded speaker.

Tablet PC Loudspeakers: Become a very popular flat panel speaker speaker design, probably can look at its beautiful small, you can also embed photos ah, cool! Advantages Flat speakers are even, sound direction is good, but due to structural constraints, narrow range, low frequency sound, generally can not be used for subwoofer. Voice calls for friends who do not buy flat speakers.

  The surface speaker sound quality and power are not directly related. It is possible to make a strong feeling that the power of decision making is the loudest loudspeaker, the sound of the loudspeaker is very shocking.

  There are two power tag methods based on the rated power (RMS: sinusoidal sine wave) and the instantaneous peak power (power PMPO) international standard. The former is a predetermined maximum power waveform with a continuous continuous analog signal representing the speaker drive distance, repeating after a predetermined number of times, the speaker does not cause any damage within the rated range; the latter means that the maximum power of the loudspeaker can withstand short circuits.

  Subwoofer amplifier subwoofer frequency characteristics of the general use of the vertical power of the decibel scale to describe the ordinate on the logarithmic scale of the frequency response curve. When the sound power is 3 dB lower than the normal power, the power point is called the high frequency cutoff and low frequency cutoff of the frequency response. The closing frequency of the low-frequency cut-off point, i.e., the sound pressure and frequency phase delay relative to the frequency response of the device, is collectively referred to as "frequency-frequency characteristic" and "phase frequency characteristic" as property. "

  It is an important indicator of the performance advantages and disadvantages of the low subwoofer amplifier. It is a performance speaker, price speaker, decibel frequency response curve flat panel speaker, small distortion, small value high performance and direct I have a relationship.

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