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  While keeping the linearity known as a small detail signal, the audio amplifier's small signal amplitude increases to a useful level. Of the amplifier better linearity, can represent the input signal output signal.

  When the audio amplifier market is changing performance requirements, the structure of the audio amplifier circuit has made great progress. To this end, the designer, you need to understand the type of audio amplifier selected, the characteristics of the actual effective and low distortion - the audio amplifier of the input audio signal of the object in the sound generation device, the semaphore and the ideal power level of the output reconstruction. The audio range is medium to 20kHz from 20Hz, so the amplifier, you have to have a good frequency response within this range. The sound of the car is a few hundred watts or more, to reach a stronger family and corporate sound, stereo "mini" from the power unit of the power headphones a few milliwatt series and tile to your TV or PC audio dozens, depending on the Application special, a system to meet the requirements of the sound of the entire cinema and auditorium.

  A power amplifier is known as an amplifier, which can be said to be home, and the largest variety of audio devices to amplify a sufficiently low power signal to drive the load scrolling operation. A main sound source device having sufficient quality is used to push the speaker of the sound through the speaker, and as a result, it is incident on the amplified weak signal.

  Highway and toll bridge monitoring systems are part of the toll monitoring system. High monitoring system, effective supervision, toll road toll station, toll station, toll station kiosks of vehicle tolls, first aid personnel and operating expenses process monitoring system and special events, the document cost settlement processing it is mainly responsible. Since only the sound of the toll station is monitored, in this chapter we introduce the monitoring structure of the toll structure.

The intercom audio amplifier collects the extended audio signal and sends it to the audio and video matrix, the main role of the matrix, audio and video kiosks to receive audio and video signals is separated. The final matrix outputs the audio and video signals that are sent to the monitor and hard disk recorder. Supervisors, will be able to monitor real-time visualization through the ticket office. A system that is basically not the original audio amplifier, it will show that the output sound is low. In addition, sharing intercom and intercom systems, this is because the cable monitoring system, mutual interference, is the sound effect is poor. It is necessary to produce audio amplifiers and intercom systems and monitoring systems to address mutual interference.

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