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    Audio Amplifier The first application that has been made about the previous century is the first audio amplifier's tube amp. So far but always updated on development and evolution. The main reason is very important, and most basic, in various senses of human hearing. The relevance to audio amplifiers is continually improved to meet those needs.
The 21st century is an important electronic device for many important portable electronic devices. As a communication tool in mobile phones, MP3 players such as entertainment devices and portable electronic devices are available to most people. In addition, popular portable TV, portable DVD and will continue to. It is necessary to have all the audio amplifiers of a typical handheld electronic device. Another feature is that they are batteries. I think everyone has a long life. That is, Class D amplifiers are being developed in the context of this demand. Its biggest feature is that it can get the best efficiency with minimal distortion to maintain.
However, high-efficiency audio amplifiers that do not require portable devices are needed for medium- and high-power electronics. Because of this, power consumption is big and efficiency is more important. As people's living conditions improved, more high-end hi-fi and home theaters began to rise gradually. These devices often require tens of watts or hundreds of watts of audio power. In this case, a low distortion, high efficiency audio amplifier is the key element in it.
An audio amplifier is a sound that produces an input signal level and an output level that are reconstructed into an output signal to an audio signal object - a solid efficient and low distortion. The audio frequency range of 20Hz ~ 20kHz is 20Hz and therefore this range of amplifiers must have good frequency response (limited number of bands to drive the speakers to woofer and tweeter). Depending on the application, the size of the power source is up to 10 watts of home stereo and car audio, home and power "mini" 10. Millions of watts in TV or PC audio on headphones vary greatly from system to system hundreds of watts in size sufficient to meet the needs of the entire theater or auditorium sound.
In the implementation of a simple analog audio amplifier is to use a linear mode transistor input voltage to get proportional to the output voltage. The forward voltage gain is typically high (at least 40 decibels). The feedback loop also has a higher overall loop gain if it includes forward gain. It can suppress distortions due to nonlinear propagation paths and increase power supply (PSR) for too high loop gain to improve performance by reducing power noise rejection too often used feedback.
Over the years, the sales category of high quality audio amplifiers has been limited to Class A (Group A) and Class AB (Class AB). The reason is that it will make it harder to join the public broadcaster that also produces device class B (B) tube amp such as last tube distortion. Any fidelity that claims to work in a push-pull amplifier in Class A (Group A).
With the advent and development of semiconductor devices, the design of amplifiers has gained more freedom. There are more kinds of amplifiers, but in the category of amplifiers it was limited to Class A (Group A) and AB (Class AB). I know something about this here about the various categories of amplifiers for authors only known to make the reader: This should be noted, however, for the three types of amplifiers that cover most of the semiconductor amplifiers: Class A (Class A), Class AB (Class A and B) and Class B (B) for audio power amplifiers.

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