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Analysis Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of UHF Microphones

UHF used to call into the u. Frequency in 700-900MHz. So basically no other high frequency external frequency can interfere with the u most SMD components. Performance is very stable and u usually have three circuits. Audio circuit is using the latest route 571, sound quality good .

First: single frequency. And v-frequency circuit is similar to high-frequency amplifier, if amplifier. Mixing frequency. Step by step, zoom high-level episodes, audio processing using 571 circuit design, clear sound quality. Use: not content with paragraph v, the requirements are not very high. In environments that use the v or interference can choose to use this type of model .

Second: FM; this machine adopts microcomputer control. High frequency oscillation using phase-locked loop (PLL). Generally have more than one channel can be adjusted. Many thousands of frequency points to choose from. To avoid interference, can use multiple machines at the same location at the same time and do not interfere with each other, if there is interference adjust the frequency to another frequency to avoid interference, squelch control. Audio processing is a new set of design, performance and stability, use: this machine is used for multiple KTV rooms of the grade. Medium and small concerts. Or require more than colleagues used when singing, and working well .

Third: diversity; the so-called diversity is diversity receiver, is a single-frequency diversity. One is the test-frequency diversity, such machines have u set of features, each channel using a two-channel receiver system. Receiving system appears dead, there can receive signals, effectively avoids signal dead zones, greatly improving the technical level of the machine to ensure stability of the received signal, receive continuous, such machines are more advanced wireless microphone. The farthest distance of up to 200 meters. Use: medium to large concerts. Use of environmental requirements is high, use a more complex environment, this type of machine is the best choice for .

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