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Advantages And Disadvantages Of VHF Microphones

VHF people referred to in paragraph v, frequency between 180-280MHz. Due to the high frequency, interference by the little crystal frequency, frequency does not occur, receive performance is more stable. V segment wireless microphones generally have two circuits, the first circuit; high frequency part only a 2003 integrated IC. Including. Receiver, RF amplifier, mixing, frequency step is complete. High sensitivity, frequency section 31101 line. Audio compression, extension, great improvement in sound quality than FM. Receive performance up a notch .

Advantages: receive stable. Short-distance rarely break news, the disadvantage is: high-frequency part is not too stable, wide sound frequently enough, professional use the effect is not so good, use: average home, require performance is relatively stable, decent sound quality in such a situation. You can use this wireless microphone .

The second circuit: RF part of discrete processing, high-frequency amplifier, if amplifier. Mixing frequency. Step by step, the result is better, higher sensitivity and performance is more stable. Audio used in the processing of route 571, sound quality good, sound frequently wide .

Advantages: performance, sound quality is very good,

Use: KTV room, home. Medium and small concerts, the results are satisfactory.

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